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Rapid Deployment of Zero Trust Cloud Environment - Sun Ten Pharmaceutical

As time progresses, many enterprises are actively strengthening their internal data protection while transitioning to the cloud. In order to comply with domestic information security regulations and catch up with international management standards, major enterprises are supplementing their workforce and introducing appropriate tools to assist them. Sun Ten, Taiwan's leading traditional Chinese medicine brand, has been in operation for over 75 years and has an excellent team responsible for managing cloud resources. However, this still does not meet Sun Ten's high security requirements. After various evaluations, they ultimately decided to introduce the new generation of Hybrid MultiCloud PAM tool, "Mavis", which complies with the ISO 27001 standard and is based on a zero-trust framework, to enhance the effectiveness of internal resource control.

Sun Ten Pharmaceutical was founded in 1946 and is a leading brand in scientific traditional Chinese medicine and a benchmark in the Chinese medicine industry. "Meeting the needs of the people" and "insisting on quality because life is valuable" are the beliefs that Sun Ten has held since its inception. By utilizing modern production processes and continuously pursuing innovation and excellence, they produce high-quality and safe products. They have also won certifications from many advanced national medical and health management agencies due to their international business capabilities, focus on corporate responsibility, and commitment to sustainable development. Their pharmaceutical quality exceeds international standards and has received high praise from people at home and abroad. In the midst of the severe global COVID-19 pandemic, their traditional Chinese medicine preparation "Qingguan No.1" is effectively treating COVID-19. It was developed by the first company authorized by Sun Ten Pharmaceutical to use an advanced production process, converting the water-decocted medicine used by doctors into a warm water-soluble granular form, and quickly obtaining the exclusive export license, which has sold in more than 50 countries across five continents, helping in the global fight against the pandemic. As Sun Ten Pharmaceutical's domestic and international markets continue to expand, their IT department needs a secure and user-friendly tool to better manage cloud resources for remote connections and monitoring to meet audit management requirements. At this time, Mavis has come to their rescue.

Rapid and Painless Deployment

In the past, IT maintenance personnel had to operate and maintain sensitive data while complying with company policies or regulatory requirements under surveillance. This actually consumed a lot of manpower in dealing with monitoring and management issues. If auditors needed to review these actions, they would face countless paper-based codes or long hours of video recordings, which is a huge cost burden for both management and the company itself. Sun Ten also faced this dilemma and actively evaluated the solutions available on the market. On the one hand, it hoped that domestic software products could provide on-site services to solve the problem. On the other hand, it hoped that the solution adopted would not have too high an implementation barrier, causing a burden on IT department personnel. Based on these two points, Mavis, which is convenient to deploy and cost-effective, became the timely solution to solve the problem.

During the consultation process with PNTL, the professional team of PNTL demonstrated their diligence and enthusiasm. They understood that Sun Ten needed more efficient operations and audit requirements than before in cloud management, and hoped to quickly deploy and go live to reduce the friction of the IT maintenance department when introducing new services. Therefore, they recommended Mavis as the best solution. In cloud resource monitoring, Mavis uses an agentless approach, so enterprises do not need to install additional software on endpoints. This solves the enterprise's concerns about backdoors being remotely controlled and also solves the problem of large enterprises, such as Sun Ten, having many resources that need to be upgraded simultaneously. In addition, Mavis can monitor and record all privileged user access activities to resources, so it can retain complete records, known as audit trails. In addition to being able to output logs, access logs, and task logs as reports for review, it also has a real-time connection recording function that can monitor and record operation logs. Therefore, enterprises can clearly understand how digital resources are being operated and utilized without using traditional paper-based or manual video recording methods.

Cloud environment and centralized management

After discussions with the team at PNTL, Sun Ten has also realized that a hybrid cloud environment is imperative for the future. Although the current infrastructure is largely based on on-premises configurations, this is due to the fact that Sun Ten Group has developed several related enterprises, including Sun Ten Pharmacy, which leads the group, as well as Sun Ten Bencao, which inherits the core competence of the pharmacy to produce health products, Shunbo, which focuses on pet Chinese herbal products, and tech platform Hebaian, which integrates research and development, manufacturing, and quality control testing. When such a large system is faced with tremendous digital transformation pressure, it is easy to encounter many obstacles, such as considerations of sunk costs. Since the group has already invested heavily in existing technology, this could make the cost of cloud migration prohibitive, and finding ways to bridge the gap between existing software, hardware, and cloud applications can be a difficult decision. Another issue is personnel acceptance. Once it is elevated to a multi-cloud environment, it will face high learning costs and human errors caused by tool switching. Reducing the friction between humans and machines will be a major focus of selecting bridging software.

Mavis's cross-cloud centralized function fully assists Sun Ten in managing multiple resources across the organization, embodying the value of resource centralization and performance improvement. Whether it is a department or a group, a single Mavis system can help companies unify the management of all digital assets, significantly reduce personnel learning costs, and reduce the possibility of errors that may arise from cross-resource operations. Resources under management can securely connect under a zero-trust architecture for privileged management, while the IT department can greatly streamline manpower and allocate resources to more appropriate places, thereby enhancing enterprise productivity. Centralizing resources not only means centralizing human resources, but also centralizing operation records. All operations performed through the Mavis platform will have detailed audit trails, helping audit personnel to be liberated from the dilemma of having to organize countless scattered data, and to control data in a smarter way, making operations faster and more efficient.

About PNTL

Pentium Network is a Taiwan-based software and solutions provider, devoted to making modern enterprises' hybrid cloud IT operations smarter, simpler, and safer.

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