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【Classic Enterprise Case Studies】Operations through Regional Switching, Facilitating Efficient Authorization and Resource Management for Enterprises

Case Introduction: Easy switching realizes cross-border operations, enabling multi-level management of resource access

User Background:

European Automotive Component Manufacturer - Electromechanical and Information Systems Integration Department - Director Schulze


A well-known European automotive component manufacturer, in its pursuit of entering the electric vehicle industry, has sequentially acquired several Asian technology companies, including currently operational service facilities and server facilities in data centers. However, simultaneously, the headquarters began facing management challenges from its international subsidiaries with different systems and assets. Due to the original use of non-uniform IT management systems in the Asian subsidiary, the headquarters' IT department found it challenging to handle such a complex situation with the existing manpower. Additionally, for security reasons, the headquarters needed overall management of server resource and cloud resource access permissions and operation records for all subsidiaries. However, the Asian subsidiaries lacked comprehensive resource permission control, and there was no integrated management of operation records. These issues not only consumed a significant amount of time for the headquarters' IT staff but also concealed a considerable amount of potential cybersecurity risks. As a result, the project implementation efficiency was low.


Through the region-switching feature of the MAVIS system, now the Asian subsidiaries can easily connect to the headquarters' MAVIS, and permissions for each region can be delegated to regional managers or subsidiary heads. Schulze, situated at the headquarters, can now view and manage operations between Europe and the Asian regions using the region-switching feature. Asian subsidiaries no longer need to apply to access resources from other subsidiaries or call upon resources from different regions. They simply need to configure MAVIS's region-switching feature, allowing all subsidiaries to easily share and access server resources without cumbersome procedures. Learning and communication costs are also reduced since the same MAVIS interface is adopted. All operation records can be uniformly viewed and managed within MAVIS's single interface.

Now Schulze can achieve precise management of assets and identity permissions, improving efficiency, reducing risks, and laying a solid foundation for future expansion and growth.

Know more about Mavis Region Switching

The region-switching feature links multiple independent MAVIS systems and introduces the master-slave concept, allowing one-way jumps to be configured as needed. When users switch to another MAVIS system, they become administrators of that MAVIS. This feature is particularly suitable for large-scale enterprise organizations with multiple MAVIS systems that need to manage resources across MAVIS. All operation records can exist independently in each subsidiary. Headquarters managers can comprehensively view and manage everything through a single interface, not only complying with international information standards but also achieving finer division of responsibilities. Cross-border, cross-organizational identity and privilege access management can be easily implemented.


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