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The Next-Generation
Deployment Accelerator

Empower your deployments and boost efficiency,

no longer bogged down by deployment challenges.

RAPD: The Next-Generation Deployment Accelerator

RAPD empowers rapid deployments and continuous delivery, streamlining internal development for greater software development efficiency.


Build up multi-stage environment

Support multi-stage environment management for development, testing, and production.


Unified Docs,  

Faster Deployments

Define standardized deployment documentation and improve the process of deploying components on clusters.

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Rapid cloud provisioning

Easy way to create&manage your Cloud resource, including Cluster, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.

Complete the Last Mile of Development

Rapid iteration is the key to modern software development. Manual deployment can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. RAPD simplifies your deployment process, freeing up your time for development and continuous soft itetinuous.


Revolutionize your work approach instantly with RAPD.

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