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One-stop automation 
ITOps platform


​A new design with centralized, automated and mobile technology

​ Do you have such troubles in migrating to the cloud in the face of digital transformation systems?


​Cannot find talent

When upgrading from local to cloud system

Don't have a good system architect to help you plan?


Management is too complicated

Cloud-to-cloud hybrid system architecture

Can't afford it by the original maintenance staff alone?


Too late to monitor

Too late to face the complex system environment
Are you going to face more management and monitoring problems?

​MRVN is Your only all-round  ITOps robot partner

For you and your IT team


​complex environment

​Cloud Management


​system monitor


And all kinds of digital transformation challenges you about to face


3 core features of one-stop automation ITOps platform


​Central Control

​All-round cross-cloud asset control



Supports onboarding and integration of more than 40+ cloud service providers

Web console to manage all corporate servers\domains\CDN and more assets



Chatbot Interaction Easy Management Automation 



Script reuse one-click automation   accurate without error

IM (TG/Slack/Potato) with interactive trigger processing for high-speed troubleshooting



Safety authority control and zero dead angle operation trajectory



Help manage complex cloud-to-ground resources and strict operation trajectory security control mechanism

Multi-factor authentication and SSO login for extra account protection

MRVN supports the integration and management of cloud and ground resources, allowing you to manage a large number of digital assets with ease

Centralized management of Yundi assets - easy control from a single panel 

1IT departments only need1Set of maintenance tools

avoid millions Dollars lost due to system outages

Integrated management through a single interface, greatly simplifying the number of tools

Cross-system operation integration, the error rate is significantly reduced

MRVN platform can host asset types


public cloud



















Omni-directional cloud-ground resource integration and management

​Integrated and managed 40+ cloud resources

MRVN resources

Quickly build automated processes - immediately resolve maintenance situations

70% of system failures come from human factors

save every yearhundreds of hourslabor cost

The MRVN platform provides a rich library of preset automation functions
Start common maintenance automation to reduce manual operations and reduce human errors

Connect with mainstream instant messaging software to integrate Chatbot function
Interact in real time through mobile devices to troubleshoot problems anytime, anywhere

PAM zero dead angle operation track full record - easy access control management

All operations on digital assets will be recorded

Audit and manage traceability and zero dead-end tracking operations

Provides detailed and rigorous RBAC control settings

Easily give project members clear permissions and identities

Managed assets despite not being connected via MRVN
It can also record all the tracks completely

Personnel do not need to handle account and confidential assets

Permission control is simple and clear

​Your all-round maintenance robot

​Three cyclic core values to create the best maintenance solution for enterprises

MRVN core value

​Human-machine interaction maintenance operation at any time

Multi-cloud hybrid resource management

Manage more than 10+ asset types

Integrate more than 40+ supplier resources

Save a lot of professional system architect personnel costs

Easily Expand Digital Transformation

Multi-Cloud Business Opportunities


​Central Control


​Security control and

              operation record

IM robot series

One-click automation process

Like multiple operators support


​cycle core value

Log and video operation records
Detailed permission control management
Effectively reduce human error

huge loses

Changes to work by clients after using MRVN

Image by John Schnobrich

​Maintenance Engineer

The work is urgent, staying up late and burning the liver, failures and problems cannot be solved, and things are getting more and more complicated. After investigation, MRVN can help you quickly solve the situation, commute to get off work on time, and easily maintain and operate through mobile phones anytime, anywhere. A boring job can also be made fun by a friendly interface.

automation developer

As an emergency doctor of enterprise IT, do you often feel that the development progress cannot keep up with the speed of change? Through MRVN, you can help your team develop faster, make automation popular, and deploy in advance to help enterprises prevent problems, reduce human errors, and focus on high-value optimization.

Image by Procreator UX Design Studio
Image by Medienstürmer


I often feel that the business needs are great, but the efficiency of the employees is ineffective, the bad feeling of having to interrupt the service when encountering a difficult event, and there are more difficulties in audit management. After using MRVN, I feel the obvious improvement of productivity and operational efficiency, fast incident response, better service online rate, and better management of power control audit.

More customer feedback

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