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【Classic Enterprise Case Studies】List Export Feature Accelerates Management Workflow, Generating Perfect Lists Based on Custom Filtering Criteria

Case Introduction: Farewell to the chaos of asset inventory—quickly select, integrate, and export with one click.

User Background:

Manager Yang, Information Department Head of a Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in Taiwan


Manager Yang is responsible for managing and maintaining all hardware assets within the company, including servers, computers, and network management equipment. Given the multitude and dispersed nature of these assets across different locations, Manager Yang often spends considerable time manually searching for and organizing asset-related information, such as connection records, resource allocations, and usage status. This manual approach is not only time-consuming and error-prone but also prevents Manager Yang from promptly accessing critical asset information, such as passwords and related configurations, thereby hindering a clear understanding of the overall asset layout.

Recently, company management tasked Manager Yang with conducting an inventory and operational assessment of company servers. Given the numerous servers spread across different locations, Manager Yang regularly needs to manually gather data. However, certain departments utilize cloud-based equipment for which Manager Yang lacks the corresponding access, complicating the inventory process and increasing the likelihood of errors. This situation, especially during emergencies or incidents, hinders Manager Yang's ability to effectively locate and manage relevant assets, further exacerbating the challenges of the job.


To address these issues, MAVIS offers an "Asset Inventory Export" feature, enabling Manager Yang to effortlessly export comprehensive asset information reports with a single click. This report includes asset lists, configurations, server operational status, passwords/keys (encrypted for protection), and other crucial details. Through this report, Manager Yang can now swiftly grasp the distribution and utilization status of all assets, obtaining immediate access to complete detailed information about all assets. Additionally, Manager Yang can securely track and manage critical settings changes such as passwords, easily identify potential security risk points, and efficiently optimize asset utilization and maintenance processes. Manager Yang can also customize output based on filtering conditions and sorting on the page, freely exporting required information lists, not only streamlining workflows but also ensuring accuracy and timeliness in asset management, thereby allowing MAVIS to fully demonstrate its prowess as an asset management tool.

Know more about MAVIS List Export

The List Export feature allows users to quickly export all asset lists stored in the MAVIS system into Excel-format reports based on specific filtering conditions and sorting methods. This functionality not only facilitates daily asset inventories and management but also supports users in data analysis and real-time queries, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of asset management.


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