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Biotechnology and medical industry

Cloud Transformation of Medical Resources: Driving a New Model of Digital Automation

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Industry overview

With the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and changes in societal structures, the healthcare system has faced significant challenges. In the face of industry disruptions, Pentium Network recognizes the demands within the biotech and medical field. Particularly in the current climate of increased remote requirements, we have introduced a range of customized solutions aimed at enhancing operational efficiency within the healthcare system and optimizing the patient diagnostic experience. In this cloud-based environment, we aspire to alleviate the burdens on healthcare personnel, ultimately allowing patients to receive higher-quality care and attention.


How does digital transformation bring change to the biotech and medical industry?

The advancement and progress of technology are driving innovation within the biotech and medical sector.


high efficiency

Digital workflow can improve operational efficiency and reduce labor costs, and the introduction of digitalization has also brought new business opportunities.


high efficiency

Digital development has changed the global medical care environment, enabling caregivers, patients and their families to build a deeper connection with each other, consolidating the trust between doctors and patients, and enhancing confidence in the medical system.


high efficiency

Use digital tools for the development of new products and services, and the generation of new business models. Effectively integrate and use multiple data and platforms to bring high value to consumers.

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Customized biotechnology medical software solutions

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​Cloud Resource Integration

Through platform integration, all cloud-based digital assets are consolidated, eliminating the need to switch between various interfaces and reducing error rates, thus freeing up excessive manpower.


Process automation frees healthcare workers from repetitive, tedious tasks. For example, the automation of medical records can reduce costs, eliminate the risk of human error, and improve patient satisfaction.

​Medical Maintenance Automation

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