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Comprehensive Professional IT Service Solutions

By employing diverse strategies and offering customized services,

we assist you in achieving industry-leading digital transformation.

Pentium Network offers a comprehensive range of professional IT service solutions


With a team of experts boasting decades of operational experience, professional certifications from major cloud platforms, expertise in information security, and a full spectrum of cloud services, we cater to your needs across single architecture, multi-cloud management, and hybrid cloud scenarios. Your every requirement is brought to fruition by us!


Cloud Service

Public Cloud Partner & One-Stop Integration Platform

  • Cloud Architecture Design 

  • Cloud Migration and Deployment

  • Cloud Optimization and Performance Monitoring

  • Server Management

  • Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Cloud Scaling and Downsizing



Information Security

Services Compliant with ISO/IEC & International Certified Security Standards

  • Security Risk Assessment

  • Vulnerability Scanning and Testing

  • Security Incident Response

  • Brand and Data Protection

  • Security Compliance Review

  • Malware Protection



EDR Protection

Achieve Faster and More Powerful & Device Security Defense Mechanism

  • Threat Detection

  • Threat Response

  • Threat Intelligence Sharing

  • Threat Intelligence Tracking

  • Automation and Machine Learning

  • Data Recovery



Operations and Maintenance Management

Experienced Professional Operations Team & Optimal System Architecture Planning

  • System Monitoring

  • Performance Optimization

  • Regular Backups

  • IT Asset Management

  • Website and Application Maintenance

  • Technical Support and Troubleshooting


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Global Asset Management Status


Public Cloud Business Partner

Pentium Network collaborates with the three major public cloud providers in the Asia-Pacific region - AWS, GCP, and Azure. We specialize in tailoring optimal cloud architectures for businesses and offering comprehensive cloud services.


All-in-One Optimal Service

Pentium Network has meticulously designed an all-in-one service to fulfill your diverse needs in IT and operational management. We provide complete and modernized solutions for businesses.


Recognized Industry-leading Expertise

With nearly a hundred original manufacturer technical certifications and extensive experience in implementing various industry services, we continuously integrate the latest technologies and information.

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