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Certified Cloud Services Provider

​The world's leading multi-cloud service agent

Professional cloud services provider

Pentium Networks is a top cloud agency. The team is committed to cloud-native technology and provides the best one-stop service to assist enterprises in IT modernization, business model digitization, and cloud technology introduction, which is the first way to achieve enterprise efficiency optimization. a choice.


​Technical Certification

​Pentium Network has obtained more than 80+ professional certification teams for each public cloud, providing international-level products Professional services to create a strong cloud service quality


One-stop service

​Pentium Network provides comprehensive one-stop services for enterprises through years of accumulated expertise and cloud-native technology, accelerating digital transformation of enterprises


success case

Pentium Network serves Taiwan and Southeast Asia and has won the trust of most multinational customers, providing professional maintenance services for 10+ enterprises in different industries

​Agent Brand Overview

AWS Logo

AWS  Advanced Tier

Services Partners

Certified Business Partner 

42+ certifications

Azure Logo

Microsoft Partner

Silver Application Development

Certified Business Partner

4+ certifications

CDP Logo

Google Cloud

Certified Business Partner

16+ certifications

Cloudflare logo

20+ certifications

check point logo

2-star rating


Global Asset Management Status

  • 5168781
  • LinkedIn_icon_circle.svg
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