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Hybrid Multi-Cloud PAM Platform

Simple operation, real-time monitoring, providing comprehensive protection in various environments!

Amid digital transformation and high cybersecurity risks

Is your enterprise facing the following problems?


Numerous cloud interface tools in the company
High learning costs and prone to errors


Shared passwords and keys, no delineation of permissions

Increased risk of sensitive information leakage


Records only exist in paper and physical media
Difficulty in organizing and retrieving numerous documents


Just like a seamless dashboard camera, ensures the protection of the driving process

MAVIS Hybrid Multi-Cloud Privilege Management
Zero trust, zero risk, creating the perfect security architecture for enterprises

Four core functionalities
enhance the security level of enterprises

MAVIS is a privileged identity access management platform designed to meet the information security needs of enterprises. It has four core features, meets high-level cybersecurity standards, complies with international certifications, and addresses hybrid cloud management issues.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Resources Integration

Comprehensive Record

Web Applications Integration

Identity Access Monitoring and Management

Say goodbye to shared accounts 
and password sheets


Manage all company resources 
with a single interface


Completely resolve the issue of shared responsibilities and account usage


Easily meet international certification 
and compliance audit requirements

Integration and centralized management through a single platform significantly reduces the number of tools required, minimizes the need for tool switching, and decreases the error rate.
Just-In-Time Access, JIT

  • PoLP Least Privilege Prior to Access

  • ZTA Zero Trust

  • Architecture ABAC Project-Based Authorization

  • Management Real-Time Risk Monitoring and Management

  • No need to share a single username and password.

  • One-click connection for web applications.

  • Clear records of user operations.

  • Faster problem clarification.

  • Immutability of recorded data

  • Integration of data recording into a single platform

  • Reduction in audit preparation time

  • Compliance with multiple international certification requirements


Identity Access Monitoring and Management

MAVIS uses a zero-trust architecture and a least privilege policy to ensure the security of sensitive data. By employing Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC), project permissions are set to clearly define access rights to projects, machines, and resources, enforcing the principle of least privilege. Administrators can quickly configure and adjust permission policies, ensuring only authorized users can access privileged resources.

Additionally, MAVIS introduces Just-In-Time (JIT) access technology, which provides real-time monitoring and interruption of suspicious activities, further enhancing the security of resource access and improving the efficiency of internal cybersecurity and privileged account management within the enterprise.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Resources Integration

As enterprises adopt cloud resources, cross-cloud management and monitoring become more complex. MAVIS addresses this issue by supporting all devices using protocols such as SSH, VNC, RDP, and SFTP, including private clouds, on-premises servers, public clouds, IoT/network devices, IP cameras, and 5G CPEs, as well as DB servers like PostgreSQL.

MAVIS provides a centralized management backend that enables IT personnel to perform visual oversight from a single interface, reducing the burden on IT and cybersecurity managers while also saving management costs.

Computer integrated image file.png

Patent No. I826182

Web Applications Integration

MAVIS offers a multi-layered cloud resource management solution, including integrating and managing various "cloud interfaces." Previously, teams had to share a single account to log into multiple cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, Azure, GitHub, VMware, FortiGate, and Oracle, often leading to operational confusion and opacity. MAVIS' integrated management capabilities eliminate the need for shared accounts and allow administrators to easily track all operations, including every mouse click, for quick issue resolution.

Comprehensive Record

MAVIS provides comprehensive behavioral tracking capabilities to address enterprise cybersecurity incidents or service disruptions. IT personnel can easily trace all actions of privileged accounts, including operation times, command contents, and their impact on devices. All operations are securely stored in tamper-evident logs, providing reliable digital evidence to support legal proceedings and meet international standard compliance requirements. MAVIS also supports exporting records in .xlsx format for further analysis and seamlessly integrates with external SIEM software for enhanced security event management and monitoring.


Latest Release Information

Check out the latest released version of MAVIS now and discover more amazing features and content.

MAVIS Classic Industry Case


MAVIS continuously updates its software to meet various enterprise needs and demonstrates the impact of these changes through real-world case studies in the market. We are committed to enhancing software performance to ensure users have the best experience and maintain our leadership position in the market, thereby creating more value for our customers.

MAVIS ​Demo Video


Explore MAVIS's various features and how they operate in-depth.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

MAVIS provides two-factor authentication to enhance system security. Users must enter a verification code received on their mobile phones during login to ensure identity legitimacy.


MAVIS offers an intuitive management dashboard that allows administrators to quickly view system status, login records, activity logs, and track the number of operational commands by maintenance personnel.

Multi-cloud integration

MAVIS supports various cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and private clouds, allowing administrators to integrate and manage these accounts through a single interface.

Connectivity Asset Management

MAVIS provides a unified screen for multi-asset connections, supporting SSH, RDP, SFTP, and other connection methods to enhance operational efficiency.

Connect Log

MAVIS records all user connection activities, including video and SSH output commands. These records are available for subsequent analysis and security audits.


System Log

In addition to video recordings, MAVIS also logs all login events and other system logs, providing a complete operation record to help administrators track system operation status and security.

Web Applications

MAVIS manages cloud interfaces such as AWS, GCP, Azure, and GitHub, mitigating issues related to shared accounts. Through ABAC project-based access control settings, it clearly records each person's actions for quick issue resolution.

just-in-time (1).png

Instant Access

MAVIS provides an instant access and review process that complies with the zero-trust principle. After the applicant submits the application, the reviewer can approve or reject it immediately, which can ensure the security of the system and the efficient use of resources.


Industry Status and Trends




Ground-cloud integration: a core trend in enterprise digital transformation


Ground-cloud integration has become an integral part of enterprise digital transformation. According to the latest survey, by 2023, more than 72% of enterprises will use or plan to adopt ground-cloud hybrid solutions. Gartner predicts that by the end of 2023, about 90% of organizations will adopt a hybrid cloud architecture, indicating that ground-cloud integration is a core trend in future digital transformation.



IT staff is overloaded and requires efficient solutions


With the development of digitalization, the importance of the IT industry in various industries has increased, but correspondingly, IT personnel are facing a huge workload. According to the report of the 2023 CIO Survey of IT Managers, the ratio of IT personnel in the service industry to the total number of enterprises is 1:146, indicating that their workload is too heavy. In the next 12 months, IT personnel are expected to increase the number of devices by 14% and the number of user accounts by 16% on average. Enterprises need to seek efficient solutions to support IT personnel to effectively manage and monitor privileged accounts and sensitive data to reduce risks.



Identity access and rights management: the key to preventing information security crises


According to a Gartner report, 73% of information security crises are caused by improper identity access and permission management, especially improper management of privileged accounts, which will lead to major information security incidents. Enterprises should adopt strict privileged account management policies, including regular risk assessments and vulnerability scans, to ensure the security of the organization.


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