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Hybrid Multi-Cloud PAM Platform

Simple operation, real-time monitoring, providing comprehensive protection in various environments!

Are you facing the challenges of digital transformation and high cybersecurity risks in your business or team?


Is your company struggling with the multitude of cloud interface tools that need to be used? The high learning curve and potential for errors can be quite challenging.


The shared use of account credentials and lack of proper access controls can significantly increase the risk of sensitive data leakage and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.


The reliance on physical records and offline storage of documentation in both paper and physical media can make it challenging to organize and locate audit documents efficiently.


Just like a seamless dashboard camera ensures the protection of the driving process

Hybrid Multicloud PAM
Build the perfect security architecture for enterprises with zero trust and zero risk.

Four core functionalities
Effectively enhance the security level of enterprises

MAVIS is a PAM platform designed for various information security needs of enterprises. MAVIS integrates four core functional modules, effectively meeting high-level cybersecurity specifications, complying with international certification requirements, and simultaneously addressing management issues in hybrid cloud environments.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Resources Integration

Comprehensive Record

Web Applications Integration

Identity Access Monitoring and Management

Say goodbye to shared accounts 
and password sheets


Manage all company resources 
with a single interface


Completely resolve the issue of shared responsibilities and account usage


Easily meet international certification 
and compliance audit requirements

Integration and centralized management through a single platform significantly reduces the number of tools required, minimizes the need for tool switching, and decreases the error rate.

  • PoLP Least Privilege Prior to Access

  • ZTA Zero Trust

  • Architecture ABAC Project-Based Authorization

  • Management Real-Time Risk Monitoring and Management

  • No need to share a single username and password.

  • One-click connection for web applications.

  • Clear records of user operations.

  • Faster problem clarification.

  • Immutability of recorded data

  • Integration of data recording into a single platform

  • Reduction in audit preparation time

  • Compliance with multiple international certification requirements


Identity Access Monitoring and Management

Identity authentication and permission configuration represent the last line of defense in information security. To ensure secure access to sensitive data, MAVIS adopts a zero-trust architecture. Applying a modern project-based operational mindset and a minimum authorization policy, Mavis employs Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) for project-based access control configuration. Before any personnel can access machines or resources, Mavis explicitly defines the projects, machines, and resources they can access and specifies their minimum permissions. Through the ABAC project-based access control functionality, administrators can quickly create and manage permission policies to ensure that privileged access is limited to authorized users. Additionally, MAVIS can adjust permission policies based on project requirements, providing finer-grained control. It can also monitor and interrupt suspicious operations in real-time. This approach significantly enhances the internal security capabilities of enterprises while also providing more manageable privileged account options.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Resources Integration

As enterprises embrace cloud resources, the complexity of cross-cloud management and monitoring also increases. Mavis addresses this issue by enhancing the compatibility of resource integration. All devices or machines that support SSH/VNC/RDP/SFTP protocols can be monitored and managed, including private and on-premises servers, public clouds, as well as IoT/network devices, IP cameras, and 5G CPEs. Additionally, MAVIS builds a one-stop management backend that enables IT personnel to visualize and manage the enterprise's machines and resources through a single interface. This significantly reduces the burden on enterprise IT and security managers while also saving significant management costs.


Patent No. 112115156

Patent No. 111147873

Web Applications Integration

MAVIS provides a multi-tiered cloud resource management solution that not only enables the governance of cloud resources but also manages these "cloud consoles." In the past, team members often had to share a single account to log in to interfaces such as AWS, GCP, Azure, and Github, which could easily lead to confusion and opacity in operations. With Mavis' web application management feature, not only is the need to share accounts eliminated, but administrators can also easily track each individual's actions, recording even the slightest mouse click. This not only facilitates the rapid clarification of issues but also makes problem resolution much easier.

Comprehensive Record

In the event of a security incident or service interruption, IT personnel must quickly determine the root cause. However, traditional database queries or searching through logs can be time-consuming and difficult to determine responsibility, while also failing to provide reliable digital evidence for legal proceedings. Therefore, MAVIS provides comprehensive recording functionality. IT personnel can easily track when and what types of commands were executed by any privileged account on the devices or machines involved in the operation. All digital traces during the operation will be recorded and saved in image format to prevent tampering, providing robust digital evidence that easily satisfies multiple international standards, audit requirements, and compliance obligations.


Latest Release Information

Check out the latest released version of MAVIS now and discover more amazing features and content.

MAVIS Classic Industry Case


MAVIS is committed to meeting the needs of various enterprises. We continuously update our software and actively gather market information. Through practical application scenarios, we enable people to gain an in-depth understanding of the changes brought about by this update. Our goal is to consistently enhance software performance, cater to diverse business needs, and ensure users have the best possible experience. These efforts will keep Maivs at the forefront of the market, bringing more value and accomplishments to our clients.

MAVIS ​Demo Video


Understanding how Mavis operates and the functionalities it offers.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

MAVIS provides a two-factor authentication feature that adds an extra layer of security during user login. This functionality allows users to input a verification code received on their mobile devices as a second form of authentication, ensuring that the login is being performed by the authorized individual.


MAVIS provides an intuitive dashboard that allows administrators to quickly view system performance, login records, activity logs, and other relevant information. The dashboard even tracks the frequency of specific commands entered by maintenance personnel, providing administrators with insights into operational activities.

Multi-cloud integration

MAVIS supports various cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and even private clouds. Through MAVIS' multi-cloud integration feature, it allows the consolidation of these cloud platform accounts, enabling administrators to manage them through a single interface.

Connectivity Asset Management

MAVIS allows users to connect and manage multiple assets through a single interface, eliminating the need to switch screens for operating multiple machines. It supports various connectivity methods such as SSH, RDP, SFTP, and more.

Connect Log

MAVIS can record login logs and activity logs for all users, and these logs can be exported as reports or used for data analysis. This logging capability helps administrators quickly identify issues or inappropriate usage within the system, thereby enhancing system security and efficiency.


System Log

In addition to capturing visual recordings, MAVIS also maintains comprehensive text-based logs of user operations within the system. This allows administrators to quickly grasp the details of user actions and monitor their operational activities effectively.

Web Applications

MAVIS can manage cloud consoles like AWS, GCP, Azure, and Github. By using MAVIS for login, teams can avoid the issue of multiple users sharing a single set of credentials. With project-based access control (ABAC) configurations, user actions are clearly recorded, enabling faster issue clarification.


Industry Status and Trends




Hybrid cloud integration: The Core Trend of Enterprise Digital Transformation


Hybrid cloud integration has become an essential part of enterprise digital transformation, garnering increasing attention and adoption. The latest research reports indicate that by 2023, over 72% of enterprises are either using or planning to adopt hybrid cloud solutions. Gartner predicts that by the end of 2023, approximately 90% of organizations will have embraced hybrid cloud architectures. This signifies that hybrid cloud integration has become a core component of future enterprise digital transformation and is expected to continue growing.

Hybrid cloud architecture combines public clouds, private clouds, and traditional IT infrastructure to achieve better performance, security, and scalability. According to IDC, currently, over 70% of enterprises are using or planning to adopt hybrid cloud solutions. Another survey conducted by RightScale reveals that over 80% of enterprises are adopting hybrid cloud, with 91% utilizing public clouds, 72% utilizing private clouds, and 60% employing multiple public cloud providers.

However, hybrid cloud environments also pose challenges. Enterprises need to address issues related to data security, management, and monitoring. To ensure the security and stability of their systems and data, organizations must promptly implement appropriate solutions. This may include strengthening data encryption, implementing identity authentication and access controls, utilizing automation tools for monitoring and managing hybrid cloud environments, among other measures.



IT personnel are often burdened with heavy workloads, which can lead to inefficiencies and challenges in meeting business demands


With the advent of the digital age, the importance of the IT industry has grown significantly across various sectors. However, as the IT industry rapidly evolves, IT professionals face increasingly heavy workloads and responsibilities.

According to the IT Manager 2023 CIO Survey, the ratio of IT personnel to total employees in the service industry is 1:146, meaning there is only 1 IT professional for every 146 employees. Even when considering survey data across industries, the ratio of IT personnel to total employees reaches 1:77, highlighting the overwhelming workload faced by IT professionals. Additionally, according to SpiceWorks' 2021 survey data, IT professionals on average manage 1,042 devices and 389 user accounts, with an expected increase of 14% in device count and 16% in user account count over the next 12 months.

A Gartner report from 2020 indicates that by 2025, the ratio of IT personnel to devices is projected to increase from the current 1:4.78 to 1:10.06 globally. This means IT professionals will need to manage more IT devices efficiently. Therefore, enterprises should seek innovative solutions to support and equip IT professionals, enabling them to effectively manage and monitor privileged accounts and sensitive data, thereby reducing enterprise risks.



IT personnel are experiencing excessive workloads, and enterprises require more efficient solutions to address this issue.


According to the latest report released by Gartner in 2023, it is stated that 73% of cybersecurity incidents are caused by improper identity access and authorization management. In particular, inadequate management of privileged accounts can lead to severe cybersecurity events. When privileged accounts are stolen, infiltrated, or misused, attackers gain complete control over critical information and resources of the enterprise, resulting in significant damage. Therefore, the importance of privileged account management cannot be overlooked.

In the face of this risk, enterprises should implement a series of strict policies and measures for privileged account management to protect their information and resources. Conducting regular risk assessments and vulnerability scans is also a crucial measure to maintain organizational security. Through risk assessments, organizations can identify weaknesses in privileged account management and make necessary improvements. Vulnerability scanning helps in timely identification of vulnerabilities in systems and applications, enabling prompt patching to prevent attackers from exploiting the vulnerabilities.


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