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【Classic Enterprise Case Studies】Solving Password Management Dilemma with Automated Password Rotation to Aid Compliance

Case Introduction: Enhancing Cybersecurity in a Zero Trust Framework with Dynamic Password Management

User Background:

Private Bank Securities - Trading Room Operations Manager - Manager Su


Manager Su is facing a significant challenge in managing passwords within the company's trading room. A recent audit revealed a critical cybersecurity issue, with auditors stating that, in response to audit requirements and cybersecurity concerns, passwords in the trading room must be changed every 90 days. However, due to the ongoing operation of the trading room, which is frequently busy, tracking which developer executed the password change operation, recording when the change occurred, and reminding them to change passwords are tedious tasks for management. Additionally, based on confidentiality principles, management cannot ascertain whether subordinates are indeed changing passwords as required. Operators often set easily guessed low-strength passwords for the sake of convenience. Manager Su urgently needs a comprehensive solution to address the audit security challenges faced by the trading room.


MAVIS's password rotation is more than just a single-functional solution; it automatically changes user passwords regularly to enhance system security while meeting audit requirements. With automated rotation, developers comply with password change policies without manual intervention, ensuring overall system security.

Apart from security enhancements, this system generates detailed system logs, ensuring that every password change process adheres to various security audit standards and compliance requirements. These records assist the organization in smoothly passing relevant compliance checks, reducing Manager Su's stress and uncertainty during audits.

Most importantly, deploying this solution does not impact user connections or the normal operation of the trading room. Users can continue trading seamlessly without concerns about their work efficiency or connection stability being affected by password changes.

Know more about MAVIS Password Rotation

Password rotation is a security-enhancing feature aimed at regularly changing user-set passwords to improve system security and comply with regulatory and audit requirements. This feature can be automated, regularly changing passwords for all users in the system without user intervention or interrupting existing connections.


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