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Advantages of Choosing Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) Solution
Properly configuring individual roles ensures that an excess of permissions does not lead to security vulnerabilities.

Finer Control

Attribute-based access control allows for more granular permission settings, enabling access decisions based on the diversity of attributes.


Dynamic Access Control

Dynamic adjustment of access permissions based on changes in entity attributes enhances dynamism and adaptability.


Ease of Scalability

Adapts to evolving organizational needs and the increasing attributes of resources.

What is Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC)?

Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) is an access management model that revolves around the core concept of defining access permissions based on entity attributes (such as user roles, resource attributes, time, location, etc.). ABAC provides fine-grained control over permissions, allowing organizations to flexibly formulate access rules based on specific conditions. Its dynamic access control adjusts access permissions dynamically based on changes in entity attributes, enhancing system dynamism and adaptability. ABAC is also easily scalable, capable of addressing evolving organizational requirements and the growth of resource attributes, making it a flexible and efficient access control model.

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Attribute-Based Access Control for Rapid Permission Configuration Based on User Needs


Tailor roles according to projects, providing users with specific permissions to enhance internal security within the enterprise.

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Attribute-Based Access Control related services and products
MAVIS Hybrid Multi-Cloud Privilege Management Tool

Pentium Network's hybrid multi-cloud privilege management tool, MAVIS, is like an enterprise's 'cloud dashcam,' recording the operational traces of maintenance and development personnel. Through Privilege Access Management (PAM), it creates a new account and password management framework, enabling enterprise partners to flexibly respond to information security management.

In the face of the future trend of moving resources to the cloud, MAVIS's integrated features not only provide the functionality of enterprise privilege management but also effectively manage all cloud resources and popular web applications. MAVIS provides an intuitive and visual management dashboard, allowing enterprises to significantly reduce personnel training time and costs, simplify the complexity of implementation, and improve operational efficiency and information security. This allows enterprises to easily handle the challenges of cross-cloud management and monitoring.

MRVN One-stop automation 
ITOps platform

Built on the concept of modern hybrid cloud operational automation, MRVN uses centralized, automated, and mobile technology to make cloud IT operations for game operators, hosting/cloud maintenance teams, and IT management departments in manufacturing and finance faster, more accurate, simple, intelligent, and efficient!

Based on MRVN's modern operational approach, it helps customers enhance personnel efficiency, strengthen control, reduce human errors, accelerate problem resolution, improve employee satisfaction, and promote the tooling and asset-sharing experiences of the team's operational evolution towards hybrid cloud operations.

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