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The top three cloud hosting service providers in Taiwan use "MRVN" as the best enterprise operations management tool.


PUMO is an expert in cloud and on-premise integration, collaborating with leading cloud brands like AWS, Azure, and GCP, while also offering server hosting services to reduce setup costs for businesses or individuals. They can quickly set up server environments in a very short time, handling tasks such as system migration to the cloud, system backups, security control, and network monitoring for their clients. In the era of cloud migration, as customer demands grow, CatchDreams faces increasingly complex cloud and project management challenges, raising the difficulty level of hosting services. CatchDreams has chosen "MRVN" as the best enterprise operations management tool to effectively address these challenges through powerful resource consolidation and privilege management capabilities.

Enhanced Multi-Cloud Management Efficiency:

​Managing multiple clouds typically requires using various native or custom tools, often necessitating switching between systems, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. MRVN provides a robust resource management platform supporting over 20 cloud providers, enabling efficient management of all digital assets through a single interface. This eliminates the need for operations personnel to navigate multiple systems or interfaces, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

Multi-Customer Project Management:

As one of Taiwan's top three cloud hosting service providers with a large customer base, CatchDreams handles multiple enterprise accounts daily. Previously, they relied on more traditional methods to record machine information, consuming significant manpower and resources. MRVN allows instant switching between various projects with a single click, enabling managers to easily manage resources under different customer accounts. Furthermore, since all activities are tracked by MRVN, manual recording is unnecessary, ensuring reliable audit management.


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