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Advantages of Choosing the Just-in-Time Access Solution:
Enhance your security and compliance without compromising the user experience.

Real-time Review and Automated Notifications

Provide a real-time review process to ensure all connection requests undergo authorized review procedures, with an automated notification system to update request statuses instantly.


Comprehensive Request Management and Monitoring

Through detailed request status and activity logs, users and administrators can fully track and monitor the progress and history of each connection request.



Adhere to the NIST Zero Trust model by restricting user access to systems only when needed, reducing security risks and ensuring compliance.

What is Just-in-Time Access (JIT) ?

Just-in-Time Access is a demand- and compliance-based access control strategy used to manage and monitor access permissions for both internal and external users within an organization. The MAVIS Just-in-Time Access solution effectively addresses modern security challenges while enhancing operational efficiency and security by providing flexible connection authorization management.

Gain full control over access requests to ensure security and compliance.


Efficiently manage application and review processes to enhance system security and operational efficiency.

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Pentium Network related services and products
MAVIS Hybrid Multi-Cloud Privilege Management Platform

Pentium Network's hybrid multi-cloud privilege management platform, MAVIS, is like an enterprise's 'cloud dashcam,' recording the operational traces of maintenance and development personnel. Through Privilege Access Management (PAM), it creates a new account and password management framework, enabling enterprise partners to flexibly respond to information security management.

In the face of the future trend of moving resources to the cloud, MAVIS's integrated features not only provide the functionality of enterprise privilege management but also effectively manage all cloud resources and popular web applications. MAVIS provides an intuitive and visual management dashboard, allowing enterprises to significantly reduce personnel training time and costs, simplify the complexity of implementation, and improve operational efficiency and information security. This allows enterprises to easily handle the challenges of cross-cloud management and monitoring.

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