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Pentium Network showcased its impressive moment at the AWS Security Summit

Pentium Network participated in the "Cloud Era Security Strategy Summit" hosted by AWS, and our CEO gave the final keynote speech on the "Hybrid Multi-Cloud Privileged Management System", together with experts in all areas of security to understand the core value and case sharing of "Hybrid Multi-Cloud IT Privileged Management MAVIS". Pentium Network firmly believes that MAVIS is a new generation PAM product that can effectively enhance enterprise security levels. Through this highly valuable security event, we hope to share the latest security strategies and technologies with industry experts and raise enterprise security awareness.

Pentium's next-generation hybrid multi-cloud IT privileged management tool MAVIS is a PAM software that combines three core functions: "PAM, Hybrid Multi-Cloud, and Fully Recording". It not only meets the high security requirements of enterprises but also thoroughly solves the troubles facing the complex environment of hybrid clouds. Whether it is on-premise or cloud assets, once centralized under MAVIS, all actions can be performed on a single panel, eliminating cross-system and cross-interface operations. This helps users efficiently manage hybrid cloud environments, and operational personnel no longer need to spend a long time learning to familiarize themselves with various software. Also, they do not have to worry about security risks due to difficult system architecture, as only one set of MAVIS can fulfill all the requirements of an enterprise, reducing personnel costs and avoiding additional losses.

AWS's "Cloud Era Security Strategy Summit" provided rich content, including lectures, panel discussions, workshops, and other forms, allowing participants to gain in-depth understanding of different aspects and solutions of security issues. Finally, we also showcased our impressive moments and achievements at the summit through event photos and the CEO's keynote speech video. We hope that through this sharing, we can share Pentium Network's exploration and achievements in security with more people!

Review the exciting video and deeply understand the core value of MAVIS!

Review the event website "AWS Cloud Era Security Strategy Summit".


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