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Review of the Pentium Network Technology Seminar: Sharing Best Practices in Development and Operations

On the evening of January 11th, Pentium Network, in collaboration with the Domain Driven Design Taiwan Community, jointly organized a seminar with the theme "Cloud-Native Application Deployment Platform Spanning Development and Operations: Effectively Addressing Communication Issues in the Deployment Process." The event was presented by CTO Sam Kuo and Product Manager Eric Shen, who delved into Pentium Network's insights in development and operations, as well as innovative thinking in CI/CD deployment. The seminar attracted numerous industry professionals eager to simplify application deployment, receiving unanimous praise.

During the session, Eric, approaching from the perspective of development and operations, elaborated on deployment pain points that may arise in various work scenarios. He introduced the problem domain addressed by RAPD, highlighted product features, and aimed to lower the deployment thresholds and time for developers, making it the optimal tool for deployment communication. Sam, focusing on technical architecture, explained in detail the platform framework provided by RAPD, demonstrating how communication across positions and development teams is achieved through abstraction. He also shared insights into the expansion and definition between Clusters, Environments, and Components, unveiling our design philosophy and architecture.

Pentium Network, committed to driving enterprise digital transformation, continues to invest in innovative technologies to provide more efficient, flexible, and scalable solutions. Our goal is not only to solve challenges in development and operations but also to create a comprehensive and advanced development environment for our customers. If you have any concerns or curiosity about continuous deployment in the development and operations process, feel free to leave your information! We look forward to in-depth discussions and jointly facing the future challenges of development and operations.


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