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Pentium Network has played a crucial role in helping Archi Solutions Co., Ltd. receive the AWS Award

Pentium Network Technology Ltd. is pleased to announce that our partner, Archi Solutions Co., Ltd., has been honored with the AWS Global and Regional Partner Award - AWS Rising Star Partner of the Year (SI) in the Greater China region. The award ceremony took place during the 2023 AWS re:Invent event. This recognition is a testament to the outstanding collaboration between Pentium Network Technology and Archi Solutions, highlighting their crucial roles in the AWS ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region.

Established in 2020, Archi Solutions focuses on providing excellent cloud solutions, actively supporting businesses in achieving digital transformation and rapidly deploying cloud solutions for optimal benefits. Kent Chang, CEO of Pentium Network Technology, expressed his congratulations, stating, "We congratulate our partner, Archi Solutions, on this prestigious award. The commitment and innovation from both sides in the field of cloud computing, we believe, played a significant role in AWS recognizing and awarding us."

AWS 合作夥伴獎合影

Optimizing Amazon EKS, MAVIS Strengthens Enterprise Security Infrastructure

In this close collaboration, Pentium Network Technology successfully assisted Archi Solutions in optimizing Amazon EKS, further accelerating AWS's AI code generation service, Amazon CodeWhisperer, and CI/CD within Pentium Network's MAVIS system. This not only increased the efficiency of Pentium's information personnel in writing AI programming languages but also deepened the integration with AWS services, resulting in a significant improvement in data processing speed. This, in turn, delivers outstanding services to more customers.

Since its inception, Pentium Network Technology has been committed to driving enterprise digital transformation. Through cybersecurity tools and expertise in information security protection technology, it helps various businesses achieve hybrid multicloud architectures to simplify operations, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the manageability of infrastructure. MAVIS, Pentium Network's hybrid multicloud privileged access management tool, acts as an "cloud dashboard" for enterprises, recording the operational traces of maintenance and development personnel. By combining Privileged Access Management (PAM) with Amazon IAM access control services, it creates a new account and password management framework, empowering enterprise partners with greater flexibility in information security management.

Facing the future trend of cloud migration, MAVIS's integrated features not only provide privileged management functions but also effectively manage all cloud resources and popular web applications. MAVIS offers an intuitive and visual management dashboard, significantly reducing personnel training time and costs, simplifying the complexity of implementation, and enhancing operational efficiency and information security. This allows enterprises to easily address the challenges of cross-cloud management and monitoring.


Looking towards the future, both companies aim to achieve greater success

Looking ahead to the future after receiving the award, Kent Chang summarized, "We look forward to the future, and Pentium Network will continue to collaborate with Archi Solutions, further deepening our partnership. Together, we will explore more innovative cybersecurity solutions to comprehensively meet customer needs and provide a superior cloud experience. Pentium Network is committed to investing more resources, collaborating with partners through technological innovation and continuous learning, to create the most forward-looking and competitive solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. We will strive to offer customers more diverse choices, meet evolving market demands, and establish closer business partnerships to collectively face the challenges of future cybersecurity and cloud technology."

For more information about the award, please visit the official Archi Solutions website.


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