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CKmax Day Digital Transformation Forum: Pentium Network CEO Unveils New Cybersecurity Solution

Pentium Network was invited to participate in the "Digital Sustainable Transformation Industry Forum | Key Trends X Layout Strategies X Practical Solutions," organized by CKmates International and Digitimes on November 23rd in Taichung. This grand event brought together professionals in the field of digital transformation. During the practical solution segment of the forum, Kent, the CEO of Pentium Network, delivered a captivating speech focusing on "Cybersecurity Solutions for Hybrid Identity and Behavior in the Cloud." The presentation delved into the cybersecurity challenges that enterprises currently face in the wave of digital transformation, capturing the high attention and interaction of professionals from various fields present at the forum.

Pentium Network's cybersecurity solution for hybrid identity and behavior in the cloud is a next-generation hybrid multi-cloud IT privileged management tool called MAVIS. MAVIS integrates four powerful core functions of Privileged Access Management (PAM) software: "Identity Access Monitoring Management, Centralized Integration of Cloud Resources, Public Cloud Control Interface Management, Comprehensive Record Traceability." It not only meets the high cybersecurity specifications of enterprises but also provides the best solution for businesses grappling with the complexities of hybrid cloud environments due to digital transformation. Whether it's on-premises or cloud assets, once managed centrally through MAVIS, all operations can be executed on a single panel, eliminating the complexity of cross-system and cross-interface operations. This not only assists users in efficiently managing hybrid cloud environments but also saves operational personnel from spending significant time learning various complex software, thereby avoiding cybersecurity risks associated with system complexity. A single MAVIS set can meet all enterprise needs, reducing personnel costs and avoiding additional losses.

Pentium Network has been committed to providing advanced cybersecurity solutions for enterprises, recognizing the importance of information security in modern businesses. As one of the sponsors of the forum, we offered exquisite gifts to thank the participants who traveled from afar. We look forward to sharing the most advanced cybersecurity solutions in more forum events in the future, assisting you in achieving comprehensive cybersecurity protection and ensuring the smooth operation of your business.

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