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【Classic Enterprise Case Studies】Main Web Application Centralized Control Interface Management

Case one: Centralized Control Interface Management of Three Major Public Clouds to Solve Account Sharing and Operation Opacity Issues

User Background:

Manager of a Taiwan-based software development team - Manager Hu


Manager Hu is a senior manager of a Taiwan-based software development team responsible for managing a team of dozens of engineers. Due to increasing development demands, this team often needs to access multiple major cloud services, including AWS, GCP, and Azure, for various operations such as cloud environment architecture design, virtual machine configuration adjustments, software deployment, and testing.

However, for cost-effectiveness, the company chose to provide only one set of shared accounts and passwords, leading to the opacity of operation records. Because all team members share the same login credentials, when system errors or problems occur, Manager Hu finds it difficult to determine who performed what operations and when, making it challenging to accurately resolve issues.


To address this problem, Manager Hu, based on recommendations from peers, decided to adopt Mavis's web application management feature. This solution immediately brought significant improvements. Since Mavis supports centralized control interfaces of the three major public clouds, the development team can now perform web-based connections across different cloud systems through a single interface, even one-click login to the most frequently used GitHub, thus improving work efficiency.

Since all personnel now log in through Mavis, all operations are recorded by Mavis, including logs and image records of operations. This means Manager Hu can quickly trace the root causes of issues and clarify the cause-and-effect relationships. This enables the team to collaborate more transparently and easily address and resolve issues while increasing overall security and compliance levels.

Case Two: One-Click Login to Multiple Network Management Devices, Simplifying Cross-Platform Operation Challenges

User Background:

Senior SRE Engineer - Jason


Jason is a senior SRE engineer at a Taiwan-based e-commerce platform. As one of the few engineers in the company, he has many responsibilities, including managing network devices, which has been a major source of frustration. His company uses multiple brands of firewalls, such as FortiGate, to protect its network security. Whenever specific configuration changes are needed for all firewalls, Jason has to access the management interface of each device, which is time-consuming and error-prone, leading to potential operational mistakes.


The company had already implemented Mavis, and recently, they added the network management device interface management feature that Jason urgently needed. In addition to the essential FortiGate devices, all interfaces that comply with the Mavis General Console standard can also be managed collectively. Now, Jason can log in to the interfaces of all network management devices used by the company with one click to perform firewall synchronization operations, ensuring device consistency and reducing the possibility of his own operational errors, thereby enhancing the company's network security.

Know more about Mavis Web Application

Mavis's Web Application management feature supports the centralized control interfaces of the three major public clouds, AWS, GCP, Azure, as well as VMWare's private cloud, and mainstream cloud interfaces like GitHub and FortiGate. This allows users to perform diverse operations across interfaces through a single Mavis system. In the past, team members often had to share a single account to log in to many web application interfaces, which could lead to confusion and opacity of operations. With Mavis's web application management feature, not only is the need for shared accounts eliminated, but administrators can easily track everyone's operations. Even a simple mouse click can be recorded as an image, making it easier to quickly resolve issues while ensuring clear accountability.


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