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【Classic Enterprise Case Studies】Improvement in Security Monitoring through SIEM Integration

Case One: Real-time Log Transmission to Splunk Redefines Security Monitoring Efficiency

User Background:

Mr. Xu, Information Security Manager at a large technology company


Mr. Xu works at a large technology company and is responsible for maintaining the security of the entire IT system. The security challenges in the tech industry are becoming increasingly complex, and the company must ensure the safety of its data and information. To achieve this goal, Mr. Xu needs to monitor various security events in real-time, including login activities, abnormal data access, and potential threat behaviors. His team has been using Splunk for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), but due to the volume and diversity of log data, integration and analysis became cumbersome.


Mavis's SIEM integration feature effectively helped Mr. Xu streamline the log management process and improve efficiency. He specified the log format to be sent, the address of the SIEM software, and the port in Mavis. This integration feature allows the system to automatically transmit log data to the central Splunk system without any manual intervention.

Now, Mr. Xu can instantly view and analyze security events from various systems. He can monitor login and logout activities, access to sensitive data, and generate visual analysis charts. Furthermore, he can immediately respond to any abnormal activity, increasing sensitivity to potential threats. The integration feature also makes it easier for him to meet compliance requirements, providing necessary evidence and reports quickly.

Case Two: Providing Security Solutions for Financial Institutions, Strengthening Compliance

User Background:

Mr. Zhang, Information Security Manager at a large financial institution


Mr. Zhang serves as the Information Security Manager at a well-known large financial institution, responsible for ensuring the institution's information security compliance. In the financial industry, compliance requirements have become increasingly strict, especially those like ISO 27001. Mr. Zhang must ensure that the system permissions of departing employees are immediately revoked to ensure information security. However, manually searching and organizing a large volume of data logs has become cumbersome and time-consuming.


To address this challenge, Mavis, used by Mr. Zhang's team, came to the rescue. Mavis's SIEM integration feature allowed him to quickly export relevant log records of departing employees without any manual intervention, such as login records, permission settings, and operation logs. This enabled him to provide compliance evidence quickly, reducing time costs and improving work efficiency to meet regulatory audit requirements. At the same time, the integration feature also provided him with better compliance monitoring and reporting tools, allowing him to confidently address compliance challenges in the financial industry.

Take a Deeper Dive into Mavis SIEM Features

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) integration features are a critical tool that helps businesses effectively manage security logs and monitor security events. Mavis offers this powerful feature, allowing businesses to seamlessly transmit log and record data to external SIEM software, such as Splunk. This provides businesses with better data monitoring, security event analysis, and compliance capabilities, enabling them to better protect their information and assets.


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