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City-Tech. Tokyo Japan Largest City Tech Exhibition

Pentium Network Technology Ltd. (PNTL) participated in the City-Tech Tokyo international exhibition held in Tokyo, Japan at the end of February this year. At this conference, we showcased our latest product Mavis to professionals from Japan and around the world, and the information we obtained at the venue helped us improve the quality of our products and services, providing better solutions for our product users.

City-Tech Tokyo is an event focused on urban technology and smart city-related fields. The event is organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and aims to promote and develop solutions for urban technology and smart cities to improve sustainability and quality of life, including exhibitions, conferences, and forums in different formats. Experts and scholars from various industries are invited to share their experiences and insights in the field of urban technology and smart cities.

As a company focused on providing high-quality, reliable, and innovative network technology solutions, we have always been seeking the latest technology and innovation. Participating in the City-Tech Tokyo exhibition was an important step for us to achieve this goal. Our footsteps towards Japan will not stop, and PNTL's achievements at this exhibition have received a wide response and recognition. The event ended successfully! We look forward to seeing everyone at every future exhibition.


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