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Pentium Network CEO attended a featured panel discussion at the CloudMile Solutions Day Summit

On September 21, 2023, CloudMile held the "2023 CloudMile Solutions Day Summit" with the theme "Mastering AI Opportunities for Digital Sustainability." The summit focused on important topics such as AI applications, data management, and sustainable operations for businesses. Over 15 renowned leaders from industry, government, and academia, including former Minister of Science and Technology Chen Liang-Chi and former Chairperson of the National Communications Commission Jan Ting-Yi, gathered to discuss technological developments and digital transformation capabilities. Pentium Network, as a strategic partner of CloudMile, participated in a featured panel discussion on the topic of "Enhancing Cloud Services to Build National-Level Cybersecurity Defense," sharing insights on how to adapt to digital trends and assist businesses in securely transitioning to the cloud, enabling digital transformation and improving industry competitiveness.

During the panel discussion, Kent Chang, the CEO of Pentium Network, shared insights into the cybersecurity challenges and issues that enterprises face when using public cloud services. He mentioned, "For a long time, hackers have taken advantage of corporate negligence in account management to launch continuous attacks on businesses and government agencies. With hybrid and multicloud becoming mainstream, it is expected that account management will become increasingly challenging. Therefore, introducing an account management product based on a zero-trust architecture can be considered." He also provided a detailed description of how Pentium Network's in-house developed product, Mavis, helps enterprises address cybersecurity issues in hybrid cloud architectures. "For example, our Mavis Hybrid Multicloud Privilege Management tool assists the cybersecurity team in granting employees appropriate access permissions, ensuring access to data and application services that align with their identities. This reduces cybersecurity risks and lightens the burden on cybersecurity personnel."

Facing the challenge of a shortage of cybersecurity talent in enterprises, Kent Chang proposed solutions for resource utilization: "In this situation, introducing easy-to-use and powerful tools can allow cybersecurity personnel to maximize efficiency and reduce their workload." In addition to implementing suitable tools, seeking external resources is also a necessary measure. "External cybersecurity companies often have a quicker grasp of cybersecurity trends and technical capabilities than internal cybersecurity personnel and have greater capacity to handle emergencies. Therefore, enterprises can consider using automation tools for routine maintenance tasks and rely on external teams to handle potential threats and detected malicious program invasions."

At the CloudMile Solutions Day Summit, Pentium Network team members were present to share the powerful cybersecurity protection tool, Mavis, with guests, receiving significant interest and feedback from many enterprises. To learn more about cybersecurity solutions for hybrid cloud architectures, please visit Pentium Network official website.


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