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Highlights from Cloud Expo Asia 2023 Exhibition

Pentium Network made its debut in Singapore, participating in the two-day Cloud Expo Asia, one of the most significant annual cloud technology events in Asia. Our team engaged in discussions with businesses and companies from around the world, showcasing our latest technologies and services, receiving widespread acclaim and feedback.

Cloud Expo Asia took place from October 11th to 12th at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, renowned as the most authoritative cloud computing and IoT exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. This event is known for its extensive scale and participation, covering various fields such as data centers, cloud technology, cloud security, and IoT technology, and has successfully expanded into a global series of exhibitions. At Cloud Expo Asia, over 500 companies from around the world exhibited, attracting nearly 30,000 visitors on-site.

Pentium Network is dedicated to monitoring the developments in cloud technology, artificial intelligence, and information security, and addressing the ever-changing landscape through innovative technology. We greatly appreciate all the friends who visited the Pentium Network booth and interacted with us. During this event, we received a wealth of feedback and had the privilege of interacting with many businesses facing diverse cloud security challenges. This enabled us to better understand their needs and issues, giving us the opportunity to provide more tailored service solutions to overcome the challenges faced by these enterprises.

Our participation in Cloud Expo Asia is sure to inject new energy into our development team and is expected to bring more opportunities for professional collaboration for all of us. In particular, Mavis, which offers a comprehensive identity access monitoring management solution to effectively address shared account and password-sharing issues, received significant attention at this exhibition. For more information about the hybrid multi-cloud privilege management tool Mavis, please visit our product page for a deeper understanding.


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