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Pentium Network CEO Raises Three Thought-Provoking Questions at CloudMile's "Party on Cloud" Event

Pentium Network was honored to be invited to CloudMile's "Party on Cloud" event, which took place on October 4th. This grand gathering brought together numerous experts from the cloud industry and various enterprises. Kent, the CEO of Pentium Network, delivered an engaging presentation titled "Comprehensive Cybersecurity Protection." His presentation not only garnered enthusiastic responses from the audience but also introduced three questions that have stimulated profound reflection among business owners, providing them with deeper insights into their own situations.

Kent posed three questions of utmost importance to enterprises. Firstly, he inquired, "How do you authorize IT colleagues to operate company assets and services?" Many companies often rely on Excel spreadsheets to record and share all internal and external account and password information, sometimes even consolidating credentials within a single folder for management. Such practices can easily lead to the leakage of account and password information, potentially causing severe harm to the enterprise if accessed by malicious hackers.

Secondly, Kent raised the question, "How do you authorize external vendors to operate company assets and services?" Given that companies frequently outsource services, external personnel may need to interact with internal information. To document these interactions, it may sometimes be necessary to use cameras to record the process, in addition to having internal staff closely monitor the actions of external operators.

Lastly, he directed attention to the question, "Is your company currently in a hybrid cloud environment?" According to statistics, as of 2023, 72% of enterprises have adopted hybrid cloud environments. During such complexity, ensuring cybersecurity becomes a significant challenge.

Mavis is a hybrid multi-cloud privileged management tool that combines the concepts of "cloud and on-premises integration" and "cybersecurity." It boasts three core features: "Identity Access Management and Monitoring," "Hybrid Multi-Cloud Resources Integration," and "Comprehensive Record." These functionalities effectively assist enterprises in addressing the three major challenges previously mentioned.

"Identity Access Management and Monitoring" is built on a zero-trust framework, offering comprehensive ABAC (Attribute-Based Access Control) capabilities and reducing risks through real-time monitoring. Additionally, "Hybrid Multi-Cloud Resources Integration" enables enterprise IT teams to operate across clouds and applications using a single interface, reducing error rates and saving on labor costs. Finally, "Comprehensive Record" combines operation logs and record playback functions, establishing tamper-proof digital evidence that allows management personnel to quickly pinpoint the source of issues, thereby enhancing both cybersecurity and efficiency.

Pentium Network has consistently dedicated itself to providing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions for enterprises, recognizing the utmost importance of information security in modern business. The three core features of the Mavis software will bring enhanced security, efficiency, and manageability to your enterprise. If you would like to learn more about how to leverage Mavis to protect your company's assets, please feel free to contact our professional team. We look forward to assisting you in achieving comprehensive cybersecurity protection and ensuring the smooth operation of your business.


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