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​Taiwan's top pharmaceutical factory benchmarking company



As the times progress, many companies are not only moving to the cloud but also actively enhancing internal data protection. To comply with domestic cybersecurity regulations and international management standards, major companies are bolstering their efforts in this area by allocating resources and introducing suitable tools. For over 75 years, Taiwan's leading traditional medicine brand, "Sun Ten," has already transcended conventional brand perceptions. While excelling in cloud-based resource management, they sought to meet stringent data security requirements.

Industry: Biotechnology and Medical Industry

Company size: 300 people

Turnover: one billion yuan

​Application technology: PAM privilege management, cloud resource management


Cloud management without worrying about being monitored

Mavis adopts an agentless approach in monitoring cloud resources. This eliminates the need for additional software installation on endpoints. Not only does this address concerns about backdoor remote control, but it also resolves issues faced by large enterprises, such as Shun-Tian-Tang, which have numerous resources requiring synchronized upgrades. Moreover, Mavis can monitor and record all privileged user access activities to resources, maintaining comprehensive audit trails. These trails encompass operation logs, access logs, task logs, and more, which can be exported as reports for review. Additionally, real-time monitoring and connection-side recording functions capture operational records, eliminating the need for traditional paper-based or manual examination of video records. This allows enterprises to clearly understand how digital resources are being manipulated and utilized.

Improve the efficiency of manpower concentration

In a large conglomerate like Shun-Tian-Tang, there are typically several IT departments operating to maintain the organizational structure. The purpose is to harness distributed resources through functional specialization and human resources, thereby enhancing management efficiency. However, this highlights the challenge of increasing workforce dispersion as organizations grow larger. Mavis excels in the functionality of centralized resource management, embodying the value of seamless human-machine integration and efficiency improvement. From a single department to a conglomerate, a single Mavis solution can help enterprises uniformly manage all digital assets, significantly reducing the cost of personnel training and minimizing potential errors from cross-resource operations. Managed resources can be centrally operated, enabling substantial workforce reduction in the IT department. This efficient allocation of resources to appropriate areas contributes to increased business productivity.



Easy management of cloud resources

One set of software can manage all the digital assets and cloud resources of the group

​Maintenance Manpower Release

The resources of the IT department of the next enterprise of the group are no longer scattered, and the maintenance and operation manpower is centralized

​Good job for auditors

Digital retention of operation records, reducing paperwork and eliminating audit difficulties

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