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​Taiwan's top pharmaceutical factory benchmarking company

Shun heaven


With the development of the times, many enterprises are actively strengthening the data protection within the enterprise while moving to the cloud. In order to cooperate with the domestic information security system and catch up with the international management standards, all major enterprises make up for this aspect. Manpower and import appropriate tools to assist. Established more than 70 years ago, Taiwan's leading brand of traditional Chinese medicine "Shuntian" has long escaped people's established impression of traditional brands. There is an excellent team operating in Yundi's resource management, but this does not satisfy Shuntian's high level of information security. After multiple evaluations, it was finally decided to import a new generation of hybrid cloud IT governance audit management tool "Mavis" that complies with ISO 27001 specifications and is based on a zero-trust architecture, to strengthen the effectiveness of internal resource control.


Industry: Biotechnology and Medical Industry

Company size: 300 people

Turnover: one billion yuan

​Application technology: PAM privilege management, cloud resource management

Cloud management without worrying about being monitored

In the monitoring of cloud resources, Mavis uses an agentless approach. Enterprises do not need to install other software on the endpoints. First, it can solve the anxiety of enterprises worried about the remote control of backdoors, and secondly, it can solve the problem of large enterprises. , Just like Shun Heaven has many resources that need to be upgraded synchronously. Secondly, Mavis can monitor and record the access activities of all privileged users to resources, so it can keep a complete record, which is called audit trail, except that operation logs, access logs and task logs can be output as report review. , and also has an on-line skimming function to monitor and record operation records in a timely manner, so companies can clearly grasp how digital resources are operated and used without traditional paper or manual viewing of photographic records.

Improve the efficiency of manpower concentration

Under a large group like Shuntian, there are usually several IT departments to operate and maintain the entire organizational structure, so that scattered resources can be collected through functional division and manpower to enhance management efficiency, but this is also It highlights the problem that the larger the organization, the more fragmented human resources. In terms of cross-resource centralized function, Mavis perfectly reflects the value of painless integration of man-machine and efficiency improvement. From a small department to a large group, as long as one set of Mavis can assist enterprises to manage all digital assets in a unified manner, Significantly reduces the cost of personnel learning, and also reduces the errors that may occur in cross-resource operations. The managed resources can also be connected in a centralized manner. At the same time, the IT department can greatly simplify the manpower and properly allocate resources to more The right place to boost business productivity


Easy management of cloud resources

One set of software can manage all the digital assets and cloud resources of the group

​Maintenance Manpower Release

The resources of the IT department of the next enterprise of the group are no longer scattered, and the maintenance and operation manpower is centralized

​Good job for auditors

Digital retention of operation records, reducing paperwork and eliminating audit difficulties

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