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Professional cloud service provider

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Certified Hybrid Cloud Service provider

Pentium Network Hybrid Cloud Agent provides professional one-stop cloud management services, masters the top international cloud agent qualifications in Taiwan, helps your enterprise to optimize integration, and can further reduce IT maintenance costs. Improve the efficiency of monitoring and troubleshooting, and bring you the best quality of service.


Comprehensive Professional IT Service Solutions

By employing diverse strategies and offering customized services,

we assist you in achieving industry-leading digital transformation.

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Cloud Service

Public Cloud Partner & One-Stop Integration Platform

Information Security

Services Compliant with ISO/IEC & International Certified Security Standards


EDR Protection

Achieve Faster and More Powerful & Device Security Defense Mechanism

Operations and Maintenance Management

Experienced Professional Operations Team & Optimal System Architecture Planning


Hybrid MultiCloud PAM

The new generation Hybrid MultiCloud PAM. Based on Zero Trust Architecture. combining with all-around Privileged Access Management, Hybrid MultiCloud Integration, and complete logs/session recording features in a single platform.


One-stop automation ITOps platform

The maintenance and operation platform that combines central control, automation, and governance functions in one, provides the best solution for enterprises facing digital transformation and needs to go to the cloud, you and your IT team do not have to worry about complex hybrid cloud architecture, MRVN will become your only all-round ITOps robot partner.

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