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Pentium Network and transcosmos Collaborate to Lead the Digital Transformation Wave

Pentium Network and transcosmos Taiwan, Inc. recently announced the signing of a significant strategic partnership agreement, aiming to strengthen their collaboration and explore innovative opportunities in the field of digital transformation. This partnership will combine Pentium Network's expertise in areas such as cybersecurity, hybrid cloud architecture planning and deployment, hybrid cloud IT automation, and IT managed services, along with transcosmos' outstanding experience in global business process outsourcing (BPO), call center services, and comprehensive e-commerce services. Together, they will provide customers with faster, more flexible digital transformation solutions and more comprehensive, efficient services.

Cybersecurity Innovation from Global Service Providers in Digital Transformation and Hybrid Cloud

As one of the largest BPO service providers in Asia, transcosmos operates primarily in Asia while gradually expanding its reach to 30 countries around the world, with 170 branch offices globally. transcosmos assists enterprise clients in effectively reducing costs and expanding revenue in global market operations. Beyond offering customer service centers, BPO, and other back-end support services, transcosmos also provides various services such as digital marketing, data analytics, and social media management by leveraging its familiarity with global market sales models and operational processes. The company also engages in research and development in areas like AI technology, IoT, and big data, adapting to the rapidly changing business environment by continuously innovating and optimizing to meet global customer needs.

Since its establishment, Pentium Network has been dedicated to driving enterprise digital transformation. Apart from being a software developer for OriginCloud, it is a commercial partner of the three major public clouds: AWS, GCP, and Azure. Through hybrid multicloud tools and specialized information security protection technology, Pentium Network assists various businesses in achieving hybrid multicloud architectures to simplify operations, enhance operational efficiency, and improve infrastructure manageability. Furthermore, in response to the urgent need for information security governance due to government regulations, Pentium Network has developed cybersecurity tools with zero-trust frameworks and privilege management capabilities.

Combining Cloud Security and AI Technology to Provide Secure and Intelligent Customer Service Solutions Globally

As a leading expert in the fields of hybrid cloud, cybersecurity, and IT automation, Pentium Network can implement comprehensive cybersecurity measures for transcosmos' global business process outsourcing services. This includes creating a secure and flexible hybrid cloud network architecture, developing robust cybersecurity strategies and corresponding response measures to provide advanced cybersecurity protection to a wide range of global clients. In the domain of hybrid cloud, Pentium Network can create a more flexible and scalable cloud architecture according to transcosmos' global business needs, allowing for the seamless deployment of required resources in the rapidly changing global market. The partnership between Pentium Network and transcosmos' distribution experience and professional operational expertise will further expand the scope and scale of their services, paving the way for international expansion.

Moreover, the application of AI and Copilot in the customer service industry is gaining increasing attention and widespread use. Pentium Network and transcosmos will jointly research and develop AI and Copilot-related applications, bringing unprecedented transformation to existing large-scale and organized customer service systems. For instance, the development of AI-powered Copilot virtual assistants for customer service and business personnel will provide real-time suggestions based on past communication records and content, enabling faster and more accurate responses to customer queries and needs. This not only reduces operational burdens and enhances professional knowledge but also utilizes Pentium Network's automation development capabilities and AI technology to rapidly analyze accumulated call content and customer feedback, extracting valuable insights and trends to provide personalized and precise recommendations, thereby significantly enhancing work efficiency and delivering an improved customer experience.

This collaboration will leverage Pentium Network's technical expertise and transcosmos' global market knowledge and business channels to jointly research and develop innovative digital transformation solutions, offering more comprehensive and efficient services to clients. The collaboration covers multiple areas, including but not limited to digital transformation strategy consulting, IT system development and implementation, data analytics and applications, business process optimization, and customer services. By integrating their respective strengths, they will provide unique and competitive solutions to help end customers embrace the advances of new technologies in their digital transformation journey.

This strategic partnership will deepen the relationship between Pentium Network and transcosmos, working together to create new opportunities in the Japanese and global markets.

Company Profiles

Founded in 1966, the transcosmos Group is headquartered in Tokyo and has established 170 branch offices in 30 countries around the world, with 70,000 employees. As one of the largest and most well-known BPO and enterprise integration service agents in Japan, the transcosmos Group ranks 12th among global BPO brands and has successfully optimized business processes for numerous Fortune 500 companies. transcosmos Taiwan, established in 2016, is a 100% subsidiary of the group specializing in BPO customer service outsourcing operations. With its rich experience and rigorous Japanese management style, transcosmos Taiwan provides efficient processes, offering high-value services to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprise clients. Currently serving industries such as telecommunications, retail, fashion, cosmetics, and childcare, transcosmos Taiwan provides comprehensive one-stop solutions and outsourcing services in customer service centers, e-commerce, and digital integrated marketing.

Established in 2017, Pentium Network's mission is to enable businesses of all types to embrace hybrid multicloud IT architecture using Pentium's cross-cloud tools. The company aims to simplify hybrid multicloud service operations, increase operational efficiency, enhance information security, and ultimately improve end customer service experience. Through digital transformation, Pentium Network helps enterprise clients achieve real benefits, making IT operations and information security governance simpler and more convenient.

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