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【Classic Enterprise Case Studies】Secret Manager Helps Businesses Password Management Challenges

Case Introduction: Skillful Secret Management, No Worries about Cybersecurity Risks

User Background:

Private Bank Cybersecurity Department - Mr. Ho, Director


Mr. Ho is the Director of the Cybersecurity Department of a well-known private bank. Due to the recent increase in government audits, the cybersecurity department must constantly tighten its nerves to handle any risks that could lead to cybersecurity incidents. One major concern for Director Ho is the account and password management issues associated with various cloud platforms and machines. Currently, the most troubling aspect is that, due to cost considerations, many platforms only provide one set of credentials for personnel with a demand, leading to multiple instances of shared passwords within the organization. This has become a constant source of anxiety for the cybersecurity department. The use of shared passwords not only makes it difficult to trace user information but also requires personnel at various levels to repeatedly enter passwords during each cloud key and machine login, thereby increasing the risk of password loss or hacker attacks.


Upon recommendation from peers in the industry, Director Ho suggested implementing the next-generation hybrid multicloud privileged management tool, Mavis. Through the Mavis Secret Manager feature, administrators can create multiple secrets to meet the needs of different projects or individual personnel. This allows administrators to flexibly configure account formats for logins, whether in public clouds, managed machines, or even regular web pages, based on specific scenarios. This flexibility makes the entire login process more aligned with actual application requirements. The Mavis Secret Manager feature can also automatically input passwords, eliminating the cumbersome step of manually entering passwords for operators accessing services. This not only greatly enhances operational convenience but also enables administrators to clearly identify who used a specific account-password combination on which machine, even when different employees use the same credentials. This intelligent management approach effectively saves time for configuring account passwords for individual personnel and reduces the burden of administration.

Know more about Mavis Secret Manager

Secret is a solution that replaces certificate functionality, effectively managing all confidential and sensitive information of the enterprise (including login accounts, passwords, and cloud keys) on the Mavis platform. Users do not need to manually enter passwords when establishing access to services; instead, they can easily select the corresponding key. The operation of Secret allows enterprises to achieve stronger protection in data storage and access processes while simplifying user operation workflows. It cleverly separates ownership and usage rights of confidential information, enhancing the level of enterprise information security and thus reducing potential risks caused by human errors.


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