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AWS Topic Seminar "Enable your digital transformation securely from day-0"

Thanks for the invitation from Amazon Web Services. Our presentation on "Enable your digital transformation securely from day-0" at the "AWS Modern Application Online Seminar" is now available on the website. Click the link below to watch the full video!

The new generation Hybrid MultiCloud PAM tool developed by PNTL provides a one-stop cloud resource management function for enterprises that are already in a hybrid cloud environment or are preparing to adopt multiple clouds. With a simple and easy-to-use operation tool, enterprises can solve complex cloud system problems and quickly embrace the advantages of the cloud.

In the "Enable your digital transformation securely from day-0" seminar, we introduced how Mavis effectively combines security regulations and a zero-trust framework to help enterprises easily deal with security issues brought about by digital transformation from Day 0 and build IT governance foundations. For more detailed information, please click the video link to learn more.


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