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nternational Recognition for Taiwan's Automotive Bearing Manufacturing



Amid the escalating COVID-19 pandemic, how can IT personnel manage multiple data centers and numerous servers, securely and efficiently, with limited manpower? Legitimate identity authentication and secure remote operations are crucial aspects of information security in any industry. Clutch, a Taiwan-based automotive bearing brand with nearly three decades of experience, stands out as a pioneer in digitalization within the manufacturing sector. They have streamlined their operations and enhanced customer satisfaction by adopting an ERP system, as well as deploying a significant number of virtual machines (VMs) to meet internal and customer demands. Faced with an increasingly complex environment and aiming to maintain their international reputation for professionalism and security, Clutch decided to implement a next-generation hybrid multicloud IT privilege management tool, "Mavis," based on a zero-trust framework compliant with ISO 27001. This move aims to effectively address their current challenges.


Industry: Automotive / Parts Manufacturing

Applied Technology: Privilege Access Management (PAM), Remote Connection

Secure Remote Connection for Distant Data Centers

Clutch Bearing maintains on-site data centers in Taipei and Taoyuan. IT personnel use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for remote connections and VPN for switching between distant data centers. However, RDP lacks security measures, making the enterprise susceptible to higher risks of cyberattacks. Mavis is a robust tool that centrally manages all hybrid cloud-based resources. Assets that have been centrally managed can be swiftly accessed and switched between using a single interface, without VPN switching. This enables remote operations such as RDP or SSH in distant data centers, eliminating the need for personnel to connect using insecure tools or environments. Built on a zero-trust security framework, Mavis employs Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to protect accounts, offering both convenient and secure access to critical resources, while preventing password guessing or theft.

Privileged Account Authorization Control

Given the specialized nature of various industries, enterprises often need to share information externally or allow external access to internal data. For instance, high-tech industries might share product design information with clients or manufacturers, the financial sector might grant remote access to testing environments for outsourced vendors, and government agencies might allow outsourced vendors to connect externally for system and network equipment management or debugging. Mavis, operating under a zero-trust and PAM framework, employs Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to help administrators easily assign specific roles and permissions to project members. This limits what assets can be accessed, the scope of operations, and required resources, ensuring strict access control aligned with the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP) under a zero-trust framework. This effectively reduces the likelihood of security incidents.



Secure Data Center Connection

Multi-layered Protection for Remote Connection

External Threats No Longer a Worry


External Vendor Account Management

Flexible Configuration of External Vendor Permissions

Remote Operations Made Simple and Secure

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Confident Digital Transformation

Integration with Major Cloud Service Providers

Future Cloud Adoption with Software Continuity

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