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Asia's Largest GCP Partner

Cloud Ace


Headquartered in Tokyo, Cloud Ace is an elite Google Cloud Platform partner (Premier Partner) with several years of collaboration. It operates five overseas subsidiaries in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Collaborating with Taiwan's operational leader and software developer, Pentium Network, Cloud Ace is launching an intelligent operational solution. They aim to jointly expand business in Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Japanese market.

Cloud Ace

Industry: Information Services

Applied Technology: PAM Privilege Management, Cloud Resource Management

Intelligent Operations are Essential

Enterprises of all sizes are deeply immersed in the era of digital transformation and cloud services. Cloud Ace, as an expert, accelerates clients' adoption of Google Cloud. They integrate the existing IT infrastructure with Google Cloud to support clients' applications and services. After helping clients migrate to Google Cloud, partners like Pentium Network with intelligent operational solutions become crucial. They simplify and enhance daily operations in the new hybrid cloud architecture, utilizing highly intelligent automated software solutions as a safety net for hybrid cloud service operations.

Out-of-the-Box Software

The Marvin Intelligent Operations Software Solution offers a ready-to-use, intuitive, all-in-one automated operational platform for enterprise customers with large and complex IT infrastructures. It comes with an interactive chat-based operational robot accessible anytime, anywhere via integrated real-time communication. This caters to the operational management needs of various complex configurations involving multiple IT resource types, various public cloud services, multiple application services, and multiple departments and projects. The platform also provides a rich library of pre-set automation features, significantly reducing manual operations by enabling the immediate launch of the most commonly used operational process automation. It can even link alerts, analysis, troubleshooting, and reporting to achieve end-to-end operational process automation, elevating operational agility, productivity, service support traffic adjustment flexibility and service quality assurance, as well as overall operational efficiency to unprecedented levels.


Automated Cloud Infrastructure

Highly automated operational platform Efficiently manage unexpected operational incidents Meet customer service level agreement requirements

Artificial Intelligence

Integration of GCP AI and machine learning technology Enhance user cloud experience Achieve intelligent AIOps

Data Analysis

Monitor data through MRVN Combine automation and artificial intelligence Capture critical information for optimal analysis

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