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Taiwan's Security Solutions Showcased: "2023 Taiwan Security Solution Day In Tokyo"

Pentium Networks continues its stride towards the Japanese market, as we once again head to Japan to participate in the "2023 Taiwan Security Solution Day In Tokyo!" This exhibition is a professional event showcasing Taiwan's security solutions, and as a member of the Taiwan Information Security Association (TWISA), Pentium Networks has successfully secured the opportunity to exhibit, allowing us to introduce our services and technologies to Japanese businesses and provide localized solutions.

Organized by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan, the "2023 Taiwan Security Solution Day In Tokyo!" took place on June 6th in Tokyo. It showcased how Taiwanese security companies utilize Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) and other advanced technologies to protect critical assets of enterprises. During this event, Taiwanese network security firms delved into the exploration of enhancing enterprise security defenses through ZTA and other innovative strategies. According to reports from the Japanese Economic News, Japanese companies have faced significant cyber attacks over the past three years, resulting in a continuous increase in cybersecurity risks within Japan and globally. To provide effective methods for Japanese companies to cope with this challenging environment, leading brands in Taiwan's security industry shared the latest network security trends and solutions at this exhibition.

We believe that this exhibition will bring valuable cybersecurity insights and professional recommendations to Japanese enterprises, empowering them to effectively address threats and enhance their security levels. Pegasus Networks is honored to be part of this event and looks forward to leveraging this opportunity to establish closer collaborations with Japanese businesses, working together to create a safer digital environment. Let us embrace future cybersecurity challenges and safeguard the security of enterprises!


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