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Taiwan International Intelligent Manufacturing System Integration Exhibition TIIM

Pentium Network participated in the "Taiwan International Intelligent Manufacturing System Integration Exhibition (TIIM)" held at the Greater Tainan Convention and Exhibition Center for three consecutive days. We displayed "Mavis, a new generation of hybrid multi-cloud IT privilege management tool", and cooperated with Aetina International Co., Ltd. to integrate ecosystem solutions to provide more complete IT maintenance and operation software services. Bestune's partners were encouraged and affirmed by the cooperative manufacturers and guests at the scene. The event went smoothly and ended successfully.

This year's "Taiwan International Smart Manufacturing System Integration Exhibition" finale will be exhibited from November 23rd to November 25th. The event integrates multiple resources invested by the government in the field of intelligence and creates indicators for southern Taiwan by combining exhibitions, forums, and results presentations. The integration exhibition has planned exhibition areas such as "smart manufacturing and solutions", "future factory equipment" and "cross-field applications", bringing together industry indicators and R&D units to provide innovative solutions for smart manufacturing and automation, intelligent optical inspection, renewable energy, etc. The technologies and services required to transform the smart manufacturing industry chain.

The team of Pentium Network is very happy to bring our new technology to Tainan for demonstration so that more enterprises with hybrid multi-cloud needs can have access to the software solutions we provide. Pentium Networks will not only be in Taiwan but will also attend more See you at many global exhibitions, invite you to join our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, don't miss any news!


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