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PNTL X NextLink provides the best security support for enterprises' digital transformation

PNTL partners with Nextlink Technology to provide enterprises with the best support for cloud security. Together, they assist clients in establishing a comprehensive governance and audit infrastructure, alleviating the need for companies to worry about coping with the complex environment that comes with digital transformation to the cloud. In 2020, PNTL introduced the "One-Stop Automation Maintenance Platform (MRVN)," which won the Taiwan New Star of Startups "IT Maintenance Automation Technology Startup" award in the same year, enabling large enterprises to automate the complex information structure in MRVN, significantly saving manpower time and costs while reducing the likelihood of cybersecurity disasters.

In recent years, not only large enterprises but also small and medium-sized enterprises have had a need for cloud hybrid architecture and cybersecurity services due to the digital transformation wave after the pandemic. PNTL observed this trend and launched the core version of MRVN, "Mavis, the new generation of hybrid multi-cloud IT privilege management tools," in just over six months, rethinking customer needs. PNTL positions the Mavis product as privileged access management (PAM), with audit information personnel targeting specific device operations while setting different levels of permissions for organization members, enhancing information security within the enterprise organization, while also providing cross-cloud management platform services.

While developing the Mavis product, the PNTL team encountered many technical challenges. PNTL's CIO, Po-Chou Lin, and Product Director, Kuan-Hua Hu, discussed how to independently build the core version of the Mavis product from the architectural modules in the MRVN product, which was a significant challenge. Additionally, optimizing the product architecture on the AWS cloud service and storing a large amount of device audit videos required much effort from the team.

Therefore, during the product development process, Po-Chou Lin shared that Nextlink Technology helped PNTL solve the technical challenges from two aspects, creating a more complete Mavis product:

  • Video storage solution: Storing a large number of security audit videos on-premises will consume resources and costs. Therefore, in video storage optimization, Nextlink suggests using Amazon S3 object storage service to reduce storage costs while allowing PNTL to flexibly utilize storage space.

  • Architecture health check and optimization: Mavis deployed on AWS cloud, and NextLink's professional cloud architecture team provides good architecture optimization recommendations, integrating AWS EC2, Amazon RDS fully managed relational databases and other resources.

Privilege Management and Comprehensive Logging: Enhancing Enterprise Cybersecurity.

"We are dedicated to creating an IT personnel black box recorder, allowing non-technical personnel to audit cybersecurity events through video playback," said Po-Chou. With the help of Nextlink's architecture, relevant technical issues are solved, while the privilege management and comprehensive logging functions of the Mavis product are used to provide strong cybersecurity benefits. Po-Chou also gave an example of a well-known pharmaceutical company that uses the Mavis service provided by BNT Network to solve the pain point of traditional IT architecture's inability to trace the source of abnormal device service. Through the log feature of the Mavis product, information equipment orders can be recorded, and anomalies can be excluded by internal enterprise playback. In addition, Mavis strictly enforces access control based on the principle of least privilege, opening corresponding permissions and identities according to the different needs of different people in the organization to reduce cybersecurity risks.

At the end of the interview, Po-Chou and Kuan-Hua shared the origin of the Mavis product name with the Nextlink team. When building the MRVN product, the name of the protagonist in the sci-fi movie, "Marvin," was used as a starting point, hoping to establish an automated IT operations and maintenance team with the concept of robots and practically solve the problem of high costs for IT personnel to maintain equipment for enterprises. Mavis, like MRVN's younger sister, has a twin relationship with two products, enabling BNT Network to help various types of enterprises manage audits, achieve cybersecurity standards, and improve the quality and efficiency of IT maintenance personnel operations.

Nextlink adheres to the spirit of professional customer service and provides one-stop cloud services. From architecture consulting to migration to the cloud, as well as hosting and maintenance services, professional architects provide comprehensive advice and consulting to help customers create more business value in the cloud. Contact Nextlink today and let us become an essential partner in your business development!


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