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PNTL partners with UniBis! Mavis to officially enter the Japanese market.

Pentium Network Technology Ltd. (PNTL) has partnered with Japan-based software development and consulting firm, Universal Business Solutions (UniBis), to introduce the next-generation Hybrid MultiCloud IT PAM tool, Mavis, in the Japanese market. This move will enable PNTL to offer comprehensive cloud solutions to Japanese enterprises and assist them in building modern IT infrastructure while addressing the challenges of complex multi-cloud system construction and maintenance. PNTL will also participate in the City-Tech Tokyo exhibition in Tokyo from February 27th to 28th this year, where they will collaborate with UniBis for the first time and solidify their determination and perseverance to expand their business in Japan.

During UniBis President Yasuhiro Ichimura's visit to PNTL headquarters in Taipei at the end of November, he mentioned that "IT talent is in short supply in large and medium-sized Japanese companies, but Mavis can greatly improve this situation." He believes that a solution like Mavis, which integrates hybrid multi-cloud management and privileged access management, is unique in the Japanese market. In the current trend where a hybrid multi-cloud environment is becoming the mainstream structure for enterprises, Mavis can help companies that have not yet migrated to the cloud achieve their digital transformation needs while assisting those that have already migrated in managing their digital assets in a unified manner. Its straightforward and easy-to-use interface can help operations personnel quickly adapt to it. President Ichimura, who has a background in engineering, personally tested the tool and is looking forward to its release in the Japanese market.

Mavis is a hybrid multi-cloud PAM tool based on a zero-trust framework that complies with the international ISO 27001 standard. Its cross-cloud aggregation feature can help Japanese enterprises that are actively pursuing digital transformation manage all their hybrid cloud system resources. With Mavis, companies can unify the management of digital assets across departments, greatly reducing the learning costs of personnel and lowering the potential for errors in cross-resource operations, thereby improving productivity. Mavis also incorporates powerful privileged management tools and audit management elements, allowing Japanese enterprises that value information security and privacy to achieve effective management of permissions through role-based access control (RBAC). It also provides project members with clear permissions and identities while monitoring and recording all access activities of privileged users to resources, bringing greater convenience to audit management and improving the efficiency and quality of operations and audits for all personnel involved.

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About Unibis

UniBis Co., Ltd. (Universal Business Solutions) was established in 2019 in the IT hub of Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. The company primarily engages in software development and IT consulting services, combining innovative technologies from domestic and international software and hardware solutions, and incorporating artificial intelligence to provide concrete solutions and help clients overcome challenges.

About PNTL

Pentium Network is a Taiwan-based software and solutions provider, devoted to making modern enterprises' hybrid cloud IT operations smarter, simpler, and safer.

Since its inception in 2017, Pentium Network has been pushing the forefront of IT operations automation with development across the heterogeneous IT infrastructures on the clouds and on-premises alike, covering major aspects of the modern operational challenges across asset/resource management, fault remediation, sensible configurations, and balance between compliance and performance, with practical perspectives on technologies and best practices to bring IT operational agility, productivity, resilience, performance, and efficiency to a new level.


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