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Pentium Networks showcased its latest technology achievements at CYBERSEC 2023 Taiwan Cybersecurity

Pentium Networks participated in the CYBERSEC 2023 Taiwan Cybersecurity Conference for the first time this year. It was a large-scale exhibition that lasted for three days, with over 300 exhibiting brands, almost 900 booths, and more than 18,000 registered attendees. Pentium Networks showcased our latest technologies and achievements during the event, receiving significant positive feedback and reviews from various industries.

The Taiwan Cybersecurity Conference is a major event dedicated to creating a platform for cybersecurity exchanges, now in its ninth year. The conference was held at the Nangang Exhibition Center and featured over 200 domestic and foreign cybersecurity experts who shared their expertise and insights. Participants could gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and technologies in the field through conference seminars and interactive exhibitions. Taiwan's President, Tsai Ing-wen, also attended the opening ceremony to acknowledge the conference's contribution to Taiwan's cybersecurity field. The conference's theme, "Bring Security To," aimed to provide a cybersecurity exchange platform for everyone to cooperate and improve their ability to respond to cybersecurity challenges.

Pentium Networks has been continuously focusing on cybersecurity issues and applying innovative technologies to address the ever-changing cybersecurity risks. Participating in the CYBERSEC 2023 Taiwan Cybersecurity Conference was an important step for us to establish and cultivate our presence in the cybersecurity field. We appreciate everyone's active interaction with us during the event and the successful conclusion of the conference. We look forward to meeting everyone at every exhibition in the future.


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