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【Classic Enterprise Case Studies】 Log Export Function to Reduce Operational Costs

Case One: Lowering Operational Costs and Mitigating Manual Operation Risks for a Digital Media Enterprise

User Background:

Ms. Su, Software Project Manager at a medium-sized digital media company


Ms. Su was confronted with a highly challenging task of managing over 200 user account additions and more than 350 user information updates across five projects simultaneously. Manual operations introduced a series of difficulties and pain points, as Ms. Su had to access each project's system records, involving numerous cumbersome steps, often leading to frustration. Manual errors were a constant concern, particularly when dealing with hundreds of records. Mistakes could result in confusion in account access and inaccurate data, adding extra workload for Ms. Su and her team. To overcome these challenges, Ms. Su urgently needed a more efficient solution. She desired a way to quickly and accurately review and organize user records across all projects for statistics and analysis.


By utilizing Mavis' Audit Log Export function, Ms. Su could automatically export and store log data from all projects. This made it easy for her to conduct statistics, monitoring, and auditing. The introduction of this feature not only significantly enhanced efficiency but also lowered the risk of errors, making Ms. Su's work smoother and more streamlined.

Case Two: Assisting IT Personnel at a Financial Institution to Comply with ISO 27001 Regulations

User Background:

Mr. Kao, Information Security Manager at a large financial institution in Taiwan


In today's increasingly competitive and digitized financial institution landscape, information security and compliance, such as ISO 27001 regulations, have gained heightened importance. Mr. Kao, while managing the company's IT systems, often needed to trace whether permissions were removed for departing employees before their departure date to comply with regular audits. This was necessary because ISO 27001 regulations require immediate revocation of permissions for departing employees to ensure information security.


Through Mavis' System Log function, Mr. Kao can now quickly provide compliance evidence and easily address audit requirements. When an employee leaves, management can utilize the software's log export function to swiftly export relevant records, eliminating the need for manual searching and organizing extensive data, such as login records, permission settings, and operation logs. This allows him to promptly provide compliance evidence, reduce time costs, enhance work efficiency, and meet regulatory audit requirements.

Deep Dive into Mavis Log Export Function

The "Log Export" feature enables users to export and store log or record data generated by the system to external storage or other systems for subsequent analysis, auditing, monitoring, or long-term storage use.

Mavis log files are divided into Audit Log and System Log, detailing user activities such as:

  • Login and logout records: Time and IP address of user system or application logins and logouts.

  • User activities: Tracking user operations in applications or systems, such as creating, editing, or deleting files, data records, etc.

  • Error and exception records: Recording system or application error messages, abnormal events, and alerts to aid analysis and problem-solving.

  • Security logs: Monitoring security-related activities, such as backup of fail-safe mechanisms, data migration, and SIEM integration.

  • System performance and resource monitoring: Logging system resource usage, such as online users, storage usage limits, etc.

Users can selectively export this log data in CSV format. Exported logs can be further analyzed, used for report generation, or integrated with other systems to enhance security, maintain system operation, and prove compliance.


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