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2022 Meet Taipei, the largest innovation and entrepreneurship carnival in Asia.

PNTL participated in this year's "2022 Meet Taipei, the largest innovation and entrepreneurship carnival in Asia." During this three-day event, PNTL showcased its next-generation Hybrid MultiCloud PAM tool, Mavis. We received recognition from our partners and vendors in the exhibition area, and also received support from friends who came to the event. The event was successfully completed.

The 2022 Meet Taipei Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carnival was held at the Yuanshan Flower Expo Park, with the exhibition area expanded to 3,000 square meters. Nearly 50 international start-up teams from 17 regions participated in the physical exhibition, along with nearly 500 start-ups, enterprises, governments, accelerators, and research institutions gathered at Asia's largest start-up exhibition. During the event, Vice President Lai Ching-te and Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je also showed their support, indicating the significance of this event.

We were very happy to interact with all the friends who came to visit us this time. PNTL looks forward to meeting everyone in the upcoming exhibitions. In addition to showcasing the latest technology and services, we will also prepare exquisite gifts for everyone. We invite you to join our Facebook and LinkedIn pages and not to miss any news!


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