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Pentium Network on

AWS Cloud

Pentium Network allows you to run our fully-managed developer data platform on AWS with the versatility, security and high-availability you need.

Mavis in the AWS Marketplace


Pentium Network and Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide the most comprehensive, secure, scalable, and cost-effective portfolio of services that enable customers to build their data applications in the cloud.

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EC2 instance

The Mavis appliance is a Linux-based EC2 instance, which means it runs on AWS's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service. This integration allows Mavis to leverage the scalability and flexibility of AWS's virtual server infrastructure.


Snapshot and Backup

Mavis coordinates snapshot creation, backup, and recovery tasks. It can use AWS's Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) snapshots for data backup and recovery. This integration ensures data durability and enables easy restoration of the system in case of failures.


IAM Role 

For access control and security purposes, Mavis requires IAM (Identity and Access Management) roles. It can use IAM roles to manage permissions for accessing EC2 instances and other AWS services securely.

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Object Store 

The Object Store component in Mavis provides space for video archives for auditing purposes. Mavis can integrate with AWS's object storage service, Amazon S3, to store and manage these video archives efficiently and securely.

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Database Management (DBMS) 

Mavis relies on a database for configuration, project management, and task scheduling. AWS offers various database services like Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) or Amazon DynamoDB that Mavis can use for this purpose.



The Messaging component in Mavis provides task queues for task scheduling and event routing. AWS provides a fully managed message queuing service called Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) that can be integrated with Mavis for handling these tasks efficiently.

Pentium Network Mavis is available in AWS Marketplace

Available on 22 AWS regions. Consolidated billing and simplified procurement through your AWS account. Pay as you go with no minimums or upfront commitments.


Can I use Pentium Network Mavis with AWS?

Pentium Network Mavis in on the AWS Marketplace. With just one click, you can get started today.

How do I run Mavis on AWS?

The following are the three steps to use Mavis on AWS.

  1. Restore resources in IAM roles and the original AWS account using the default identity or grant the operator access to EC2 by adding a custom IAM role with necessary permissions.

  2. Perform all operations in Mavis for AWS using the default administrator or add other users.

  3. Configure VPC, instance settings, storage, Elastic IP (EIP), security groups, and set up periodic snapshot backups.


Is Mavis free on AWS?

Mavis has a free trial that’s ideal for trying out the service for a month.

What is Mavis?

Mavis is hybrid multi-cloud privilege access management service in the cloud. Please visit Mavis page for more information.

Can I buy Mavis in the AWS Marketplace?

Yes, Mavis is available in the AWS Marketplace. There are no minimums and no upfront commitment required.

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