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Hybrid Multicloud PAM

In order to meet the work governance audit tasks of IT and MIS departments of various enterprises in the era of digital transformation, a hybrid cloud governance audit platform based on a zero-trust architecture is built. It not only allows you to focus time and manpower on more important business, but also assists enterprises to introduce the best practices of international certification standards.

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Sources of corporate information security incident attacks

According to the annual information security risk rankings, external risks are inevitably posed by hackers (60.3%), while internal risks posed by employees (35.7%) continue to be the most concerning for executives, and are ranked as the top risk by more than half of enterprises, followed by departed employees (10.5%). Such threats are often difficult to prevent. Avoiding them and dealing with them in a timely manner has almost become a daily challenge for information security teams.





Internal Employees



Source:iThome 2020


Pentium Network for market demand

Created Hybrid MultiCloud PAM Tool

To enjoy the benefits of hybrid cloud is not a simple matter. Enterprise IT talents must first master the knowledge of various cloud-based IT infrastructures and be familiar with various maintenance and operation tools, so as to simplify the complex and meet the ever-changing business market. and need to invest in relevant control programs and audit resources to meet the increasingly stringent legal compliance and internal control needs.

The Mavis platform supports AWS, GCP, Azure and other public clouds, as well as private clouds and bottom-end servers. It manages all resources in a unified manner. It has built-in Log event recording and recording and playback functions to meet the needs of enterprise auditing and enable the information security level Effective promotion.

Three core priorities of Mavis





The privileged access management system based on the zero-trust security model grants personnel permissions and identities according to organizational functions, reduces information security risks, and improves the effectiveness of management and control at all levels.




Control resource access and record operation trajectory, comply with company policies or legal requirements, and easily meet audit and legal compliance requirements.





Support different cloud service providers to use resources in the most economical and flexible way, while allowing maintenance personnel to perform tasks more efficiently.

Module Introduction


Privilege Access Management (PAM)


Mavis effectively reduces information security risks and improves work quality with a full range of RBAC settings to easily give project members clear permissions and identities.


Fully Recording


IT operation & governance in enterprises often encounter problems such as Scattered Data, Inconsistent Formats, Difficult Information Integration, and Difficulty in Auditing.


Mavis helps you record all IT operation sessions completely with Operation Log Management and Operation Session Recording & Playback. Make Auditing and Problem Analysis easier and simpler.


Hybrid MultiCloud Integration


Mavis can help with the integration and management of hybrid multi-cloud resources, support different cloud service providers, use resources in the most economical and flexible way, and help enterprises improve maintenance and operation efficiency; perform all actions through a single panel, avoiding cross-system and cross-interface operations; and reduce errors caused by system switching, so you can be confident in embracing the benefits of fast and convenient system switching.

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Public Cloud


AWS, GCP, Azure


SSH-enable Devices

All SSH supported devices

cloud (7).png

Private Cloud


VMware, and more

server (9).png

Local Servers


All local servers

hub (1).png

Network Devices

Cisco, Aruba, Fortinet, etc.

terminal (1).png



Windows, Red Hat,

CentOS, Ubuntu


Zero Trust Architecture


The security control mechanism is established under the management of minimum authority and privilege. In the past, data resources were often difficult to grasp and a group of account secrets was kept by multiple people, which made it difficult to clarify rights and responsibilities when problems occurred. Under the zero trust architecture, full control is clear and Personnel do not need to handle account secrets, which can effectively reduce information security risks and improve operation quality.


Full range of RBAC settings to easily give project members clear permissions and identities


Secure login under a strict authentication mechanism through Mavis Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure Connection

After logging in, User can directly connect to authorized resources.

No need to keep and enter accounts & passwords


Agentless control


Mavis adopts the method of monitoring and managing enterprise assets and resources without installing any agents or client software, eliminating cumbersome deployment and subsequent management actions, and achieving the role of integrated management of cloud and local resources through a single interface. Achievie the prevention of backdoors. No need to take additional risks or deal with agent upgrade issues, reducing additional management time.


Comply with ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is currently the most widely used and most complete standard for testing information security management systems (Information Security Management System, ISMS) in the world. Through the PAM privilege of Mavis The management and comprehensive recording functions can meet the two audit items of A9 and A12 that are difficult to achieve manually.

PCI DSS payment card industry data security standard

Mavis PAM privilege management and multi-factor authentication functions help organizations meet PCI DSS requirements and defend against external and internal threats. Mavis can meet the four requirements of PCI DSS 2, 7, 8, and 10.


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