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​Pentium Networks ISO 27001 White Paper​

Import the international standard of information security management system for you

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​Information security management, hand over to Pentium for processing

​In the new digital transformation, information security is more important

It has been more than two years since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic around the world, and the latest variant Omicron continues to spread. In order to allow employees to work remotely in response to the epidemic, enterprises have accelerated the pace of digital and cloud-based development and strengthened information security. Resilience can also be said to be an important issue for sustainable development. With the evolution of the application model to the hybrid cloud, employees can work in any location, and the traditional defense-in-depth based on network boundaries has become unreliable. The mature authentication, least privilege configuration, encryption and other mechanisms have been developed in the security market to improve workflow, protection measures for accessing and operating key systems, and are more suitable for digital application scenarios.


Drawing up risk control guidelines with reference to international norms

In recent years, with the rapid development of information technology, the IT infrastructure has evolved from physical deployment and construction to software definition. The work type and application service are very different from those in the past. According to the observation of Pentium Network, the concept of information security protection of most enterprises has not changed. , still using firewalls, VPNs, terminal operating systems, etc. more than ten years ago...

It was not until major information security incidents occurred frequently in recent years and the effectiveness of protective measures began to be reviewed, and zero trust began to really attract attention. The information security project proposed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) can be said to be the most reference indicator in the world. , which can allow the information security market to develop a zero-trust architecture to follow, and enterprises and organizations can understand the problems that can be solved.

Through the publication of the Pentium Network ISO27001 white paper , the specifications of each project are included, so that enterprises that expect to quickly import international information security standards can have a faster and better means of compliance, build a competitive environment that is sufficient to face the future, and strengthen internal Organization.

Immediately import the best information security solution

​Pentium Network ISO27001 White Paper Download Now

​What is the value of quickly mastering the Pentium for you

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