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Building the Google Cloud Express Service



In response to the demands of digital transformation, companies no longer choose to go it alone. Through collaborative efforts, they can overcome transformation challenges and embrace the new digital economy. iKala, the "GCP Specialist," holds various technical certifications in Google Cloud's "Cloud Infrastructure," "Cloud Data Analytics," and the world's first "Marketing Analytics." iKala has partnered with Pentium Network to create intelligent operational technology, significantly simplifying the process of enabling cloud resources for businesses. They provide comprehensive cloud architecture consulting services, including "Automated Cloud Infrastructure," "Artificial Intelligence," and "Data Analytics."


Industry: Information Services

Applied Technology: PAM Privilege Management, Cloud Resource Management

Solving Three Major Pain Points Simultaneously

As infrastructure scale grows larger, relying solely on human deployment for 24/7 product operations results in significant expenses and uncontrollable "human errors." Top software operational "talent scarcity" leads to companies needing to allocate multiple resources to compete with well-known tech giants. While IT teams are putting out fires, they still need a simple and high-quality way to manage the software delivered by the development team. The gap between "R&D and IT" remains unresolved. Pentium Network introduces a highly automated operational platform to efficiently handle various product operational incidents, meeting customer requirements for Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This is achieved through three simple steps: "Automated IT Infrastructure Deployment," "Automated Operational Workflows," and "Intelligent Operations," effectively addressing enterprise operational pain points.

Creating Greater Value Through Service Integration

Google Cloud, Pentium Network, and iKala comprehensively cover the three key IT aspects for initiating digital transformation: cloud infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and big data. Google Cloud's cloud infrastructure enhances organizational productivity and collects valuable business data. By combining Pentium Network's "Intelligent Operations (AIOps)" technology, IT personnel can have standardized automated response processes for various events, significantly simplifying cloud usage. With the continuous release of new digital tech products and differing data structures between old and new systems, iKala's technical team leverages Google Cloud's powerful data and AI technology to introduce their own developed Data Management Platform. This platform integrates data from all channels and internal corporate databases, analyzing structured data to transform it into valuable insights. Amidst the wave of digital transformation, Pentium Network and iKala are fully committed to assisting businesses in reducing IT transformation barriers, accelerating the discovery of new industry insights, and creating greater business value.


Automated Cloud Infrastructure

Highly automated operational platform Efficient handling of unexpected operational incidents Meets customer Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements

Artificial Intelligence

Integration of GCP AI and machine learning technology Enhances user cloud experience Achieves intelligent AIOps

Data Analysis

Monitoring data through MRVN Combining automation and artificial intelligence Captures critical information for optimal analysis

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