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Avivid AI is a media broadcasting company that specializes in the development of browser AI broadcasting services. With approximately 50 employees, they've used the multi-cloud system to deliver services to end customers. Pentium Network, a long-term cloud operations partner of Avivid AI, offers various cloud services to their clients. As market demands expand and the need for agile development increases, Avivid AI faced a series of challenges. They needed to find fast and efficient solutions to overcome these obstacles. Pentium Network, through its partnership with AWS cloud consultancy experts of Archi Solutions, successfully integrated various existing AWS cloud services and implemented the "Mavis". This helped Avivid AI eliminate unnecessary operational issues and establish a highly secure and efficient working environment.



Operational Logs and Log Management Issues:
With increased business diversity and the number of customers, AviviD AI needs to handle increasingly complex operational tasks. Different applications, systems, and services generate a large amount of log data that is difficult to manage centrally. This decentralization makes it challenging to track specific events, troubleshoot issues, and ensure security and compliance. Tracking and analyzing operational logs after incidents, especially, require a significant amount of time and manpower.

Increased Machine and Environment Management by IT Staff:
As the demand for public cloud usage grows, the number of virtual machines, containers, and other resources rapidly increases, requiring customers' IT staff to simultaneously manage more machines and environments. This includes deployment, configuration, monitoring, maintenance, and scaling, among other aspects. This rapid expansion may exceed existing manpower and resources, making it difficult to effectively manage and maintain this diversity of machines and environments.

Efficiency Challenges in Agile Development Environments:
While serving numerous clients simultaneously, developers may need to handle multiple projects concurrently, making it challenging to focus and maintain high efficiency in their development tasks. Additionally, the fast-paced development environment, changing requirements, and tight schedules can increase the complexity and uncertainty of development. Internal security and audit concerns also need to be considered, affecting development efficiency to some extent.


To address these challenges, Pentium Network adopted a series of system integrations into Mavis.

Privileged Account Detection Service (Amazon Cloudtrail):
By introducing this service, they reduced security risks by assessing the usage of privileged accounts. They also monitored and managed these privileged accounts to enhance security and ensure regulatory compliance within the company, thereby strengthening the trust of their enterprise clients.

RBAC Platform Filters and Access Control (Amazon Identity and Access Management):
Through Mavis platform filters, they prevented unauthorized access to content while implementing strict access controls to safeguard internal data. Additionally, they monitored and controlled usage levels to ensure the integrity of information assets.

Pentium Network integrated AWS CI/CD into Mavis, which includes CodeCommit, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy. This managed continuous delivery service allowed for streamlined software release processes, reducing the need for server configuration. It also helped automate the release pipeline for Mavis, ensuring rapid and reliable application and infrastructure updates.

Introduction of Amazon CodeWhisperer:
Recognizing the challenges in agile development efficiency, Avivid AI introduced "Amazon CodeWhisperer." This tool facilitated developers in handling daily code writing tasks more easily. Developers could focus more on core functionalities, reduce the burden of coding tasks, and achieve higher efficiency in the fast-paced development environment.




Reducing Development Cycles:
The introduction of "Amazon CodeWhisperer" shortened development cycles. On average, developers saved 10% of their time on operations for each project. Accumulated across multiple projects, this led to significant reductions in overall development cycles.

Reducing Business Losses:
By integrating AWS CloudTrail and IAM management through Mavis, significant cost savings were realized in client operations. Due to reduced incorrect operations and improper resource access, clients expected a quarterly reduction of approximately $10,000 in business losses, along with a saving of approximately 20 hours of issue solving time. This substantially improved the efficiency of the IT team and freed up more time and resources for other critical business activities. Over the long term, under continuous monitoring, the number of client data breaches decreased by 20% compared to the previous year.

Reducing Operational Costs:
By using AWS CI/CD hosting services, Pentium Network uploaded completed or corrected code to AWS. Once CodeCommit was submitted, it triggered a series of integrations, tests, and deployment processes, significantly reducing internal development deployment time. Overall testing and deployment time decreased by 40% compared to previous methods.


AWS Architecture

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